A Perfect Ending

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A Perfect Ending
A Perfect Ending.jpg
Movie poster for A Perfect Ending
Directed by Nicole Conn
Produced by Nicole Conn and Marina Rice Bader
Story by Nicole Conn
Starring Jessica Clark
Barbara Niven
Cathy DeBuono
John Heard
Morgan Fairchild
Release date
  • June 21, 2012 (2012-06-21) (Frameline 36)[1]
Running time
110 minutes
Country United States
Language English

A Perfect Ending is a 2012 LGBT film written and directed by Nicole Conn.[2][3][4][5]


The movie immediately introduces the two main protagonists. Paris (Jessica Clark) is a young, dark-haired woman who works as a high-priced escort/call-girl, but is a creative artist by nature. Rebecca (Barbara Niven) is a rich, blond, middle-aged wife. The initial voice-over also narrates a cancer affliction that has grown beyond hope.

Rebecca has lived a wealthy yet unhappy existence in creating a seemingly perfect family with her husband Mason Westridge (John Heard). The signs of trouble are their hostility towards each other and conflicting opinions about whether Jessica, Rebecca's only daughter who has a different father, should receive equal stock shares of the family business as her two half-brothers. It is revealed that Mason had previously attempted to, and possibly succeeded in sexually assaulting Jessica.

Rebecca feels an emotional emptiness and confides in her two lesbian best friends that she has never had an orgasm, and that she and Mason only have sex once every six months, which is fine with her. One of her friends suggests that Rebecca try a very discreet escort service run by her own cousin (Morgan Fairchild).

It is then that Rebecca meets Paris and through a series of very discreet meetings, Rebecca eventually warms up to Paris' gentle advances and achieves her goals of having sex with another woman, and experiencing true happiness and satisfaction.

We learn that Paris, who is well appreciated for her services, seems to be in agony over a past mistake that had led her to this profession. It is implied that Paris' husband died after she accidentally pushed him into the road and he was hit by a car shortly after their wedding day. It is Rebecca who later helps Paris to let go of her past and heal.

Meanwhile, one of the three Westridge children finds the medical report of inoperable cancer that Mason Westridge has been hiding in his office desk. They all confront Rebecca and ask whether she had known about it all along. The children assume that the report refers to their father, and Rebecca tells her children that and they are not to mention it. Rebecca contacts another escort, Paris' friend, and gives her an envelope of money to help Paris leave the escort world and pursue her artistic talents. She reveals that she is the one who has cancer, and that she is dying. Afterwards, Rebecca makes the courageous decision to say goodbye to Paris.

Towards the end of the movie, Rebecca is seen as a butterfly, someone who has learned to spread her wings because of her relationship with Paris. In the final scene, Paris has her own art exhibition after Rebecca's funeral. Jessica approaches Paris and introduces herself, as the two lesbian best friends watch, and says, "I want to learn about my mother at the end."



Rated 5.8 out of 10 stars by IMDB.


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