A Perfect World (audio drama)

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A Perfect World
Big Finish Productions audio drama
Series Doctor Who
Release no. 113
Featuring Fifth Doctor
Thomas Brewster
Written by Jonathan Morris
Directed by Barnaby Edwards
Production code 6C/M
Length 30 min approx
Release date September 2008

A Perfect World is a Big Finish Productions audio drama based on the long-running British science fiction television series Doctor Who. It is a one part story which was released along with Time Reef, the story which precedes it.


Thomas Brewster requests a trip to the year 2008 and the Doctor obliges, little knowing that Brewster has been there before during the time he had "borrowed" the Doctor's TARDIS. Brewster's prior encounter with a young woman called Connie seems to have had a strange effect on the world, causing perfection to be the norm. Now the Doctor and his companions must discover what has caused this to happen and how can they put things right.




  • With the exception of Rebecca Callard, all of the guest cast in this adventure also had other roles in Time Reef, as they were recorded together.

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