A Pinch of Snuff

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A Pinch of Snuff
First edition
Author Reginald Hill
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Series Dalziel and Pascoe series, #5
Genre crime novel
Publisher Collins Crime Club
Publication date
February 1978
Media type Print (Hardcover)
Pages 264p.
ISBN 0-00-231643-9
OCLC 4482825
LC Class PZ4.H64856 Pi PR6058.I448
Preceded by An April Shroud
Followed by A Killing Kindness

A Pinch of Snuff is a crime novel by Reginald Hill, the fifth novel in the Dalziel and Pascoe series.

Plot summary[edit]

Receiving a tip from his dentist Jack Shorter, Inspector Peter Pascoe takes a closer look at the Calliope Kinema Club, a film club notorious for showing adult entertainment movies. Shorter is convinced that one particular scene in a movie he recently saw was too realistic to have been staged with fake blood, but when Pascoe starts investigating, he soon comes across the actress in question, Linda Abbott, who obviously didn't suffer from any harm and assures Pascoe that his and Shorter's concerns are unnecessary. Meanwhile, the "Calli" has been vandalised and its proprietor Gilbert Haggard has been assaulted so badly that he succumbs to a heart attack. The only existing copy of "Droit de Seigneur" - the film Jack Shorter was so worried about - has been destroyed, and when 13-year-old Sandra Burkill accuses the dentist of being the father of her (yet unborn) child, it begins to look as if Shorter had merely tried to avert suspicions by his claims against the "Calli".

Publication history[edit]

Television Adaptation[edit]

The novel was adapted for television in 1994 and starred Gareth Hale as Dalziel and Norman Pace as Pascoe. It was shown on the ITV network in three parts over consecutive Saturdays beginning on 9 April. However, Reginald Hill is said to have been unhappy with the series and it subsequently remains the only one to star Hale and Pace in the leading roles.[citation needed] Dalziel and Pascoe was later picked up by the BBC where it enjoyed greater success. Since 1996, 11 series of Dalziel and Pascoe starring Warren Clarke and Colin Buchanan have been made up to 2007.

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