A Place Between – The Story of an Adoption

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A Place Between – The Story of an Adoption
Directed byCurtis Kaltenbaugh
Produced byJoe MacDonald
Narrated byCurtis Kaltenbaugh
Music byGreg Lowe
Edited byKenneth George Godwin
Release date
Running time
74 minutes

A Place Between – The Story of an Adoption is a 2007 documentary film dealing with cross-cultural adoption and aboriginal life in Canada. It was directed by Curtis Kaltenbaugh and produced by the National Film Board of Canada.

Curtis and Ashok Kaltenbaugh were born in Manitoba and are of First Nations ancestry. After the 1980 death of their younger brother, at the ages of 7 and 4 respectively, they were removed from the custody of their birth mother and placed for adoption with a middle-class white family living in Pennsylvania.

The film chronicles their search for identity and the meeting of their adoptive and birth families.

The film won Best Public Service Award at the Annual American Indian Film Festival, held in San Francisco during November 2007.[1]


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