A Place to Be Loved

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A Place to Be Loved
A Place to Be Loved FilmPoster.jpeg
A video cover bearing the film's alternative title: Shattered Family
Directed by Sandy Smolan
Produced by Randy T. Siegel
Written by Blair Ferguson
Starring Richard Crenna
Rhea Perlman
Linda Kelsey
Cotter Smith
Joycelyn O'Brien
Tom Guiry
Music by W. G. Snuffy Walden
Cinematography Neil Roach
Release date
4 April 1993 (US)
Country United States
Language English

A Place to Be Loved is a 1993 American television film with Richard Crenna and Rhea Perlman. It was released in the United Kingdom under the title Shattered Family.

Plot summary[edit]

Gregory Kingsley is a boy who is abused by his father and placed with social services by his mother. The foster family he is put into proves to be the type of nurturing environment he needs. He ends up taking his mother to court, to have her parental rights revoked, in hopes of being adopted by his foster family. The story is based on a real life case of child abuse.

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