A Pollinaire Rave

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A Pollinaire Rave
Live album by Kevin Barnes
Released 2003
Genre Comedy

A Pollinaire Rave is a comedy tour by Of Montreal lead singer Kevin Barnes, his wife, Nina Barnes, and his brother David Barnes. Both the titles and the artwork vary depending on the individual copy. A CD with the same name was sold, and five of the seven songs on the EP became songs on the Montreal album Satanic Panic in the Attic.

Partial track listing[edit]

The track listing below reflects the titles given by Kevin Barnes at the time, followed by the names the songs eventually took on.

Original titles[edit]

  1. The Fading and Frozen Phallus in the Eye of a Young Brute
  2. Whatever Happened to the Breath of Tom the Sandwidth
  3. Nightmare Onanism
  4. Gladiator Chestsex and the Collision
  5. Shut the Orb Lady
  6. Wednesday's Foam on Tuesday Again?
  7. Yes, The Bird May Remember Being Hoofed

Finished titles[edit]

  1. How Lester Lost His Wife (demo)
  2. Chrissy Kiss the Corpse (demo)
  3. City Bird (demo)
  4. Erroneous Escape Into Eric Eckles (demo)
  5. Everything About Her is Wrong
  6. Epistle to a Pathological Creep
  7. Eros' Entropic Tundra (demo)