A Prairie Home Album

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A Prairie Home Album
A Prairie Home Album.jpg
Compilation album by A Prairie Home Companion
Genre Spoken Word; Radio
Length 43:56
Label Minnesota Educational Radio
Producer Evelyn Wills Duvalier, Larry P. Gagne

A Prairie Home Album is an album from the Prairie Home Companion radio show. It features items written for the early days of the program, when it was a morning show broadcast from KSJN in St. Paul, MN.

Track listing[edit]

Side One

  1. Six A.M. [4:55]
  2. O Father Dear Why (Gagne) [2:55]
  3. That Sound Friends [3:45]
  4. Old Shep (Foley) [3:20]
  5. When I Was a Boy [3:33]
  6. Mom Angel (Keillor/Raygor) [2:45]

Side Two

  1. Breakfast Hymn (Will L. Thompson, 1879) [2:58]
  2. Joy to the World & Time for a Word [3:00]
  3. My Mailbox Is Empty (Gagne) [3:50]
  4. The Timber Wolf (Gagne/Hinkley) [4:55]
  5. Hobo's Meditation (Rodgers) [2:40]
  6. On the Road (Keillor) [5:20]


  • Garrison Keillor: Vocal
  • Bill Hinkley: guitar and vocal harmony and fiddle ("Joy to the World")
  • Judy Larson: guitar ("O Father Dear Why" and " Joy to the World") and vocal harmony
  • Stephen Gammell: guitar and vcal ("Old Shep" and "Hobo's Meditation")
  • Jon Pankake: fiddle ("The Timber Wolf")
  • Tom Ardnt, Larry P. Gagne, Slim Graves: vocal harmony ("Mom Angel")