A Prefect's Uncle

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A Prefect's Uncle
A Prefect's Uncle 1903.jpg
First edition
AuthorP. G. Wodehouse
CountryUnited Kingdom
GenreComedy novel
PublisherAdam & Charles Black (first edition)
Publication date
11 September 1903[1]
Media typePrint (hardback & paperback)

A Prefect's Uncle is an early novel by P.G. Wodehouse, one of his school stories for children.


The action of the novel takes place at the fictional "Beckford College", a private school for boys; the title alludes to the arrival at the school of a mischievous young boy called Reginald Farnie, who turns out to be the uncle of the older "Bishop" Gethryn, a prefect, cricketer and popular figure in the school. His arrival, along with that of another youngster, Wilson, who becomes a personal servant to Gethryn, leads to much excitement and scandal in the school, and the disruption of some important cricket matches.


Early editions are highly prized by collectors, and first printings regularly sell for over $5,000.[citation needed]

The novel was reprinted on 17 June 2004 by R A Kessinger Publishing.

The text was released under Project Gutenburg in 2004.


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