A Provincial Lady

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A Provincial Lady
A Provincial Lady by Turgenev, Stanislavski and Lilina 1912.jpg
Stanislavski and his wife Lilina
in the Moscow Art Theatre production in 1912.
Written by Ivan Turgenev
Date premiered January 1851
Place premiered Maly Theatre, Moscow
Original language Russian
Genre One-act play

A Provincial Lady (Russian: Провинциалка, Provintsialka) is a one-act play by Ivan Turgenev.[1] Written in 1850, it was first produced in January 1851 at a benefit performance for the seminal 19th-century Russian actor Mikhail Shchepkin at the Maly Theatre in Moscow.[1]

In the 20th century, the play was produced at the world-famous Moscow Art Theatre as part of a triple bill of works by Turgenev.[2] Constantin Stanislavski directed and played Count Liubin.[2] It opened on 5 March 1912.[2]


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