Ramachandran: A Retrospective

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A Ramachandran: A Retrospective
Ramachandran - A Retrospective.jpg
AuthorR. Siva Kumar
SubjectA Ramachandran's Paintings and Philosophy of Art
PublisherVadehra Art Gallery
Publication date

A Ramachandran: A Retrospective (2004), is a two-volume book by Indian art historian R. Siva Kumar.[1] It is a study of the life and works of artist A. Ramachandran. It has more than 500 reproductions and a selection of rare, historical photographs. Selected writings by the artist, biographical notes and chronology of works are also included in the book.

According to the publisher, the book "may well be considered a model in writing about an artist and his work, and will be of immense value to coming generations of art scholars and connoisseurs."[2] It is the most comprehensive book on A. Ramachandran's art.[citation needed]

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