A Rare Conundrum

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A Rare Conundrum
Studio album by Bert Jansch
Released May 1977 in UK; possibly late 1976 in Denmark
Recorded c. October 1975-July 1976 at Nova Sound, London and Air Studios, London, plus "Doctor, Doctor" from sessions at CBE, Paris in 1973
Genre Folk
Label Charisma
Producer Rod Clements (except "Doctor Doctor", produced by Danny Thompson)
Bert Jansch chronology
Santa Barbara Honeymoon
A Rare Conundrum

A Rare Conundrum is the eleventh album by Scottish folk musician Bert Jansch, released in 1977 in the UK. The album was first released by Ex Libris in Denmark in late 1976 as Poormouth with an alternative cover and a slightly different track list.[1]

Track listing Original LP[edit]

All tracks composed by Bert Jansch; except where indicated

  1. "Daybreak"
  2. "One to a Hundred"
  3. "Pretty Saro"
  4. "Doctor, Doctor"
  5. "3 A.M."
  6. "Curragh of Kildare" (traditional)
  7. "Instrumentally Irish"
  8. "St. Fiacre"
  9. "If You See My Love"
  10. "Poor Mouth"
  11. "Cat and Mouse"
  12. "Three Chord Trick"
  13. "Lost Love"

Poormouth track list (Danish release)[edit]

Tracks with a star(*) don't appear on the original LP release

  1. "Poor Mouth"
  2. "St. Fiacre Revenge"
  3. "Dragonfly" (John Bidwell) (*)
  4. "Pretty Saro"
  5. "Doctor, Doctor"
  6. "Lost Love"
  7. "Candy Man" (*)
  8. "Daybreak"
  9. "One to a Hundred"
  10. "Three Dreamers" (*)
  11. "Per's Hose Pipe" (re-titled "Instrumentally Irish")
  12. "Curragh of Kildare" (traditional)
  13. "If You See My Love"
  14. "Three Chord Trick"

2009 Remaster[edit]

Same as the original LP release, with the following bonus tracks:

  1. "Three Dreamers"
  2. "Dragonfly"
  3. "Candy Man"



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