A Real Diamond in the Rough

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A Real Diamond in the Rough
A Real Diamond in the Rough.jpg
Studio album by Buckethead
Released May 1, 2009
Genre Progressive rock, ambient, avant-garde, psychedelic rock
Length 41:46
Label Hatboxghost Music
Producer Dan "Brewer" Monti
Buckethead chronology
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(2009)Slaughterhouse on the Prairie2009
A Real Diamond in the Rough
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(2009)Forensic Follies2009

A Real Diamond in the Rough is the twenty-fourth studio album by avant-garde guitarist Buckethead, announced on April 27, 2009 for a May 1 release through the TDRS Music label.[1] The album is dedicated to Buckethead's legal representative, Stan Diamond.[2]

The disc[edit]

"The Return of Captain EO" is another Disney reference by the artist, this time to the 3-D film Captain EO starring Michael Jackson, who is one of Buckethead's early influences. "Broken Mirror" uses the same drum beat as the first song off of the album Albino Slug, "The Redeem Team." [3][4]

The album is a rather calming piece of work, much to the like of Buckethead's previous albums such as 2004's Population Override, 2002's Electric Tears or 1998's Colma. However, it does showcase some heaviness and baritone guitars otherwise absent from some of his previous works mentioned before.

By the end of 2009, all copies of the album had sold out, along with Slaughterhouse on the Prairie. As TDRS was unable to obtain re-pressings, it utilized a strategy similar to the 2006 Crime Slunk Scene reissue, waiting for pre-orders before attempting again. Along with the announcement of the album Best Regards, Travis Dickerson informed customers that the re-pressings would arrive, despite that the pre-ordering had not "gone as expected".

Shadows Between the Sky, an album released in 2010, follows a similar style to this CD.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Broken Mirror" 4:16
2. "Big D's Touch" 4:11
3. "Separate Sky" 2:58
4. "Dawn Appears" 3:46
5. "A Real Diamond in the Rough" 4:08
6. "Sundial" 1:04
7. "Squid Ink" 3:05
8. "Four Rivers" 2:38
9. "Allowed to Play" 1:55
10. "Formless Present" 3:44
11. "Squid Ink Part 2" 0:56
12. "The Miracle of Surrender" 5:37
13. "The Return of Captain EO" 3:30
Total length: 41:46



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