A Room for Romeo Brass

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A Room for Romeo Brass
UK Theatrical Poster
Directed byShane Meadows
Produced byGeorge Faber
Written byPaul Fraser
Shane Meadows
Music byNick Hemming
CinematographyAshley Rowe
Edited byPaul Tothill
Distributed byMomentum Pictures (UK)
Alliance Atlantis (Canada)
USA Films (US)
Hoyts Distributions(Australia)
Paramount Pictures
Release date
23 August 1999 (UK)
Running time
CountryUnited Kingdom

A Room for Romeo Brass is a 1999 British teen comedy-drama film directed by Shane Meadows, who also writer with Paul Fraser. The film was shot in Nottingham in 42 days on 5 September until 17 October 1998.

The film stars Andrew Shim as Romeo Brass, Ben Marshall as Gavin Woolley and Paddy Considine as Morell. It marked the screen debut of Vicky McClure and Considine, the latter of whom went on to star in Meadows' 2004 film, Dead Man's Shoes. It was nominated in three categories at the 1999 British Independent Film Awards.


Twelve year-old boys Romeo Brass and Gavin Woolley have been best friends and neighbours for most of their lives. Gavin suffers from a back injury which causes him to be bullied by other boys while Romeo is quick to step in and defend him. One day Gavin is confronted by two boys, Romeo intervenes and things turn violent. Gavin's injury prevents him from assisting his friend.

During the fight Gavin spots Morell, who is a few years older, and calls to him for help. Morell chases the two boys off and then drives Romeo and Gavin home. Romeo's family notice that Morell's behaviour is a little unusual. Morell develops an immediate attraction toward Romeo's sister Ladine and seeks Romeo's advice about asking her out. Gavin plays a prank on Morell which results in him humiliating himself. Morell goes to the shop where Ladine works to apologise and ask her out again; she accepts out of pity.

Morell encourages the boys to miss school and accompany him to the beach. When Romeo goes to buy ice cream, Morell confronts Gavin about the prank that he pulled and viciously threatens him with what will happen if he ever tries to do it again.

Romeo continues spending time with Morell while Gavin goes into hospital for an operation, which results in Gavin distancing himself from both of them. Romeo looks up to Morell as a new father-figure after he is infuriated by his estranged and violent father Joe coming back into his life.

Morell encourages Romeo to behave more violently and convinces him to stay away from Gavin whilst continuing to pursue Ladine who is greatly by his eccentric behaviour. Ladine is in Morell's flat when he makes a pass at her which she rebuffs. Feeling rejected, Morell is angry and tries to persuade Ladine to at least fool around with him sexually but she storms out of the flat. Morell takes his frustrations out on Romeo, bullying him, and ejecting him from his flat.

The next day Morell forces Romeo into his van in order to follow Ladine. In front of Romeo, Morell then badly beats a customer who Ladine was flirting with, which causes Romeo to run away. Upset by Morell's actions Romeo goes to Gavin's house where he is comforted by Gavin's parents. Morell follows Romeo back to Gavin's house and starts to bully Gavin's dad Bill. Witnessing this, Romeo's father Joe steps in to defend Bill, attacking Morell, and forcing him away. Romeo and Gavin reconcile their friendship and restore some semblance of normality back into their lives.




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