A Scenery Like Me

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A Scenery Like Me
Chara Scenery.jpg
Studio album by Chara
Released February 18, 2004
Recorded 2003-2004
Genre J-pop
Length 54:11
Label Sony Music Japan
Producer Chara
Chara chronology
Yoake Mae
(2003)Yoake Mae2003
A Scenery Like Me
Something Blue
(2005)Something Blue2005
Singles from A Scenery Like Me
  1. "Are wa ne"
    Released: 2004 (radio single)

A Scenery Like Me (ア・シーナリー・ライク・ミー?, A Shīnarī Raiku Mī) is a self-cover album by Chara, which was released on February 18, 2004. It debuted at #27 on the Japanese Oricon album charts, and charted in the top 300 for 5 weeks.[1] It eventually sold 19,000 copies.

The album features new versions of material from her first four studio albums, Sweet, Soul Kiss, Violet Blue and Happy Toy; as well as two new songs, Ao (?, Blue) and Ai no Hikōsen (愛の飛行船?, Blimp of Love). The new versions featured a stripped down arrangement, self-produced by Chara and performed with her band.[2]

Two songs were used as promotional tracks. The self-cover of Are wa ne (あれはね?, Is That Right) was used as a radio single, and a music video was filmed for it. The self-cover of Tsumibukaku Aishite yo (罪深く愛してよ?, Love Me Sinfully) was used as the opening theme song for the NHK interview show Mayonaka no Ōkoku (真夜中の王国?, Midnight Kingdom).

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Lyrics Music Arranger(s) Length
1. "Break These Chain" Chara Chara U-Ske Asada 7:07
2. "Are wa ne (あれはね?, Is That Right)" Chara Chara D.Motion 5:36
3. "Tsumibukaku Aishite yo (罪深く愛してよ?, Love Me Sinfully)" Chara Chara, U-Ske Asada U-Ske Asada 6:00
4. "Ao (?, Blue)" Chara Chara   2:14
5. "Private Beach" Chara Chara U-Ske Asada 3:18
6. "No Promise" Chara Chara, Mizuho Hirata U-Ske Asada 5:23
7. "Ai no Hikōsen (愛の飛行船?, Blimp of Love)" Chara, Ema Chara   3:06
8. "Time After Time" Chara Chara D.Motion 6:23
9. "Happy Toy" Chara Chara, Zentarō Watanabe Zentarō Watanabe 6:46
10. "Usotsuku no ni Narenaide (うそつくのに慣れないで?, Don't Get Used to Lying)" Chara Chara U-Ske Asada 4:36

Japan Sales Rankings[edit]

Release Chart Peak Position First Week Sales Sales Total Chart Run
March 19, 2003 Oricon Daily Albums Chart
Oricon Weekly Albums Chart 27 8,798 19,220 5 weeks
Oricon Yearly Albums Chart


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