A School for Fools

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A School for Fools (Школа для дураков) is a novel written by Sasha Sokolov in the 1960s. "A School for Fools" was first circulated via 'samizdat,' or self-publication through underground connections. However, the novel was formally published in 1976 in U.S. (tamizdat). Школа для дураков is often classified as a work of phantasmagoric modernism. Vladimir Nabokov called it "an enchanting, tragic, and touching work."


-The Narrator (unnamed).

-Nymphea Alba.

-Those Who Came.

-The narrator’s Father.

-The narrator’s Mother.

-Savl/Pavel Petrovich Norvegov.


-Yakov and Sheina Emmanuilovna Trachtenberg-Tinbergen.

-Veta Acatova.

-Arcady Arcadievich Acatov.

-Rosa Windova.

-Principal Perillo.

Themes and Motifs[edit]



-Narrative Voice.