A Secular Agenda

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A Secular Agenda (ISBN 81-900199-3-7) is a 1997 book by Arun Shourie.

In the book, Shourie discusses various problems faced by India due to minority appeasement and pseudo-secularism practiced by the Indian politicians.[1] The book starts with a discourse on the definition of a nation. He cites examples of other nations in Europe to counter the arguments of people who do not consider India as one nation due to its different languages and religions.

He argues for a Common Civil Code in the book[1] and the abolition of Article 370 of the Indian Constitution. He also discusses the problem related to infiltration from Bangladesh and the inability of the Indian government to solve it.

The book also deals with Hindu-Muslim relations and the ways to improve it. The last section of the book is about how the pseudo secularists and the Indian Press distort the news, suppresses remarks and invents stories. He cites various newspaper articles to show how the news is distorted by the press.

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