A Sedalia Christmas

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A Sedalia Christmas is a multi-media play written in celebration of Sedalia, Missouri's holiday traditions and celebrations from 1866-1969. It was written by Sedalian native, Rebecca Imhauser and local actors and actresses portray Sedalians and the events that shaped their lives. Historic photos are projected throughout the play to represent pivotal time frames, with an emphasis on Christmas during the depression and war eras. Sedalia's Christmas heritage is celebrated through favorite holiday and patriotic songs, as well as choreographed dance numbers.


This musical is set in the town of Sedalia, Missouri. In 2008, Becky Imhauser, member of the Board of the Liberty Center Arts Association, created the show, basing it both from her own knowledge and extensive research of Sedalia's history and from the book "All Along Ohio Street". The musical was first performed in the "Liberty Center", a theater in downtown Sedalia, on December 5, 2008. It was shown again in December 2009 with an improved script and slightly altered cast.


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