A Semblance of Normality

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A Semblance of Normality
Semblance of normality.jpg
Studio album by Skyclad
Released 21 June 2004
Recorded Damage Inc. Studio, Ventimiglia, Italy
Genre Folk metal
Length 47:19
Label Demolition Records
Producer Kevin Ridley
Skyclad chronology
No Daylights... Nor Heel Taps
(2000)No Daylights... Nor Heel Taps2000
A Semblance of Normality
In the... All Together
(2009)In the... All Together2009

A Semblance of Normality is the eleventh studio album by the British folk metal band Skyclad, released in the year 2004. It is the first "new" album the band recorded with Kevin Ridley as vocalist since this album's predecessor No Daylights... Nor Heel Taps.

With this album Skyclad went back to a more heavy and experimental style, though their "classic hard rock" influences are very obvious on this release. It can be compared to the band's mid-1990s albums.

Several tracks on this album feature 14 musicians of The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.

Track listing[edit]

No. Title Length
1. "Intro (Pipes Solo)" 0:53
2. "Do They Mean Us" 3:26
3. "A Good Day to Bury Bad News" 4:42
4. "Anotherdrinkingsong" 3:53
5. "A Survival Campaign" 3:45
6. "The Song of No-Involvement" 3:34
7. "The Parliament of Fools" 3:10
8. "Ten Little Kingdoms" 2:50
9. "Like... A Ballad for the Disenchanted" 4:32
10. "Lightening the Load" 4:54
11. "NTRWB" 3:32
12. "Hybrid Blues" 6:29
13. "Outro (The Dissolution of Parliament)" 1:39