A Short History of the Sudan

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A Short History of the Sudan
تاريخ السودان
Author Mandour Elmahdi
Country United Kingdom
Language English
Subject Pre-Sudanese Independence
Publisher Oxford University Press
Publication date
1 November 1965
Media type Paperback
Pages 154
ISBN 0-19-913158-9

A Short History of The Sudan[1] (تاريخ السودان) (Oxford University Press) is a history book which concerns the development of the Sudan from the earliest times until the conclusion of the condominium era and the attainment of independence from Britain in 1956. It concentrates mainly on the political and social aspects of Sudanese history and is intended as an introduction to more detailed study. The author, Mandour Elmahdi, is a Sudanese educator who was the Principle of the Institute of Education in Bakht er Ruda at the time the book was published.


The history of the Sudan from earliest times to the end of the Condominium and the attainment of independence in 1956 is addressed to a general audience of all ages. It does not claim to cover every aspect of Sudanese history, but is rather intended to be a general introduction which emphasizes the social and political patterns within a wider framework of events.

The book is divided into eight important chapters;

  1. The Ancient Sudan
  2. The Christian Sudan
  3. The Entry of the Arabs
  4. The Funj and the Fur
  5. The Turko-Egyptian Period
  6. The Mahdiya
  7. The Condominium Rule
  8. The Dawn of Independence of the Republic of the Sudan, January 1956

A Short History of The Sudan is considered to be one of the most popular history books to be written about the Sudan, and due to high demand, it was reprinted in 1978 and was distributed worldwide. It was also used for the history syllabus in Sudan for more than 20 years.


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