A Shot in the Dark (1935 film)

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A Shot in the Dark
"A Shot in the Dark" (1935).jpg
Directed by Charles Lamont
Produced by George R. Batcheller (producer)
Written by Charles Belden (screenplay)
Based on novel The Dartmouth Murders by Clifford Orr
Starring See below
Music by Abe Meyer
Cinematography M.A. Anderson
Edited by Roland D. Reed
Distributed by Chesterfield Pictures
Release date
  • February 1, 1935 (1935-02-01)
Running time
69 minutes
Country United States
Language English

A Shot in the Dark is a 1935 American mystery film directed by Charles Lamont.[1]


A college student (Charles Starrett) discovers his roommate’s body hanging from a window and calls the police. What at first looks like suicide turns out to be murder. While a police investigation is ongoing, more students are killed.


Critical reception[edit]

The New York Times wrote, "A Shot in the Dark, which pictures a trilogy of murders on a rural college campus, telegraphs its punches in a way that may seem insignificant to Chesterfield Productions, Inc., but is as good as a confession to us amateur gumshoes...a decided absence of liveliness both in the writing and the playing";[2] whereas Fantastic Movie Musings and Ramblings noted, "a very good mystery...It does have some problems, particularly in having a rather stiff and static presentation, but outside of that, this is one of the more pleasant discoveries I've made."[3]



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