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A Simple Life
Original Hong Kong film poster
Directed by Ann Hui
Produced by Roger Lee
Ann Hui
Jessica Chan
Nansun Shi
Cheung Hong-tat
Stephen Lam
Screenplay by Susan Chan
Roger Lee
Story by Roger Lee
Starring Andy Lau
Deanie Ip
Music by Law Wing Fai
Cinematography Yu Lik-wai
Edited by Kwong Chi-Leung
Manda Wai
Distributed by Distribution Workshop
Release dates
  • 5 September 2011 (2011-09-05) (Venice[1])
  • 8 March 2012 (2012-03-08) (China)
  • 9 March 2012 (2012-03-09) (Hong Kong)
Running time
118 minutes
Country Hong Kong
Language Cantonese
Budget ¥30 million
(US$5.4 million)[2]
Box office US$ 6,202,317[3][4]

A Simple Life (Chinese: 桃姐; Jyutping: Tou4 Ze2[5]), also known as Sister Peach, is a 2011 Hong Kong drama film directed by Ann Hui and starring Andy Lau and Deanie Ip.[6] Ip, in the titled role as Sister Peach, won the Best Actress Award at the 68th Venice International Film Festival.[7] Originally, Ann Hui considered retiring after making this film. However, due to the film's success, Ann Hui changed her mind and is considering other projects.

Lau and Ip had not worked together since 1999's Prince Charming. Production of the film officially began during Chinese New Year. It was filmed in Mei Foo Sun Chuen.[8] Production was wrapped on 6 April 2011 after two months of filming.[9] The film competed in the 68th Venice International Film Festival.[10] It was also selected as the Hong Kong entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 84th Academy Awards,[11][12] but it did not make the final shortlist.[13] A Simple Life was an official selection for competition at the 68th Venice International Film Festival, where it won 4 awards. Deanie Ip won the Volpi Cup for Best Actress for her role in this film. She is the first Hong Konger to win this prize. In March, she also became the first Hong Konger to win the Asian Film Award for Best Actress. At the same event, director Ann Hui became the first female to win the Lifetime Achievement Award. At the 31st Hong Kong Film Awards Ceremony, A Simple Life won 5 major prizes (film, director, screenplay, actor, actress), repeating what happened with Ann Hui's Summer Snow in 1996. Ann Hui has won Best Director (4 times) more than anyone else at the Hong Kong Film Awards. Deanie Ip is the oldest Best Actress recipient (64-years-old at the time of her win).


Inspired by the true story of producer Roger Lee and his servant, the film depicts the relationship between Roger (Lau) and Sister Peach (Ip), a woman who has worked for four generations of Roger's family.


  • Andy Lau as Roger Leung (梁羅傑), a film producer
  • Deanie Ip as Sister Peach / Chung Chun To (桃姐/鍾春桃), a servant
  • Wang Fuli as Roger's mother
  • Yu Man-si as Sharon, Roger's older sister
  • Qin Hailu as Ms Choi (蔡姑娘), care home manager
  • Hui Pik-kei as Aunt Kam(金姨), a resident at the care home
  • Elena Kong as Aunt Kam's daughter
  • Paul Chun as Uncle Kin(堅叔) a resident at the care home
  • Anthony Wong as Grasshopper (草蜢), care home owner and Roger's old friend
  • Jim Chim as (詹瑞文), one of Roger's old classmates
  • Francis Mak as one of Roger's old classmates
  • Lawrence Lau as one of Roger's old classmates


Box office[edit]

In China after being shown for only four days the film made US$5.2 million and reached second place in the top gross film of the week ending 11 March 2012.[14]

Critical reception[edit]

Roger Ebert gave the film 4 stars. He wrote, "It expresses hope in human nature. It is one of the year's best films."[15] Hollywood Reporter 's Neil Young wrote that "Film festivals looking for undemanding crowd-pleasers will want to check it out, even at its currently excessive 118-minute running time – much too long for what is indeed a pretty "simple" affair."[16] Variety 's Justin Chang commented: "Fittingly for a film about the challenges and rewards of looking after the sick and aging, this well-observed, pleasantly meandering dramedy requires a measure of patience, and some judicious trimming would improve its chances for export. But the moving, never tearjerking lead performances by Andy Lau and Deanie Ip are strong selling points for Hui's following at home and abroad."[17]

Top ten lists[edit]

The film has appeared on the following critics' top ten lists for the best films of 2012:

Critic Publication Rank
Roger Ebert Chicago Sun-Times 10th[18]

Awards and nominations[edit]

List of Accolades
Award / Film Festival Category Recipient(s) Result
68th Venice International Film Festival Golden Lion Ann Hui Nominated
Volpi Cup for Best Actress Deanie Ip Won
Equal Opportunities Award Ann Hui Won
Signis Award – Honorable Mention Ann Hui Won
La Navicella Award Ann Hui Won
48th Golden Horse Awards Best Film Focus Films Limited, Sil-Metropole Organisation, Bona Film Group Nominated
Best Director Ann Hui Won
Best Leading Actor Andy Lau Won
Best Leading Actress Deanie Ip Won
Best Original Screenplay Susan Chan Nominated
Best Film Editing Kwong Chi-leung, Manda Wai Nominated
15th Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival – Official Competition EurAsia Jury Awards Grand Prix for Best Eurasian Film Ann Hui Won
Jury Prize for the Best Actress Deanie Ip Won
FICC Awards Ann Hui Won
18th Hong Kong Film Critics Society Awards Best Film Roger Lee Won
Best Director Ann Hui Nominated
Best Screenplay Susan Chan Nominated
Best Actress Deanie Ip Won
2011 Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild Awards Most Recommended Film of the Year A Simple Life (with Let the Bullets Fly, Overheard 2) Won
Most Outstanding Director of the Year Ann Hui (with Jiang Wen, Tsui Hark) Won
Special Honour Award Ann Hui Won
6th Asian Film Awards Best Actor Andy Lau Nominated
Best Actress Deanie Ip Won
People’s Choice for Favorite Actor Andy Lau Won
People’s Choice for Favorite Actress Deanie Ip Nominated
Lifetime Achievement Award Ann Hui Won
4th Okinawa International Movie Festival Peace Category: Uminchu Prize Grand Prix Ann Hui Won
Jury Special Prize Golden SHISA Award Ann Hui Won
31st Hong Kong Film Awards Best Film Roger Lee, Ann Hui, Chan Pui-wah Won
Best Director Ann Hui Won
Best Screenplay Susan Chan Won
Best Actor Andy Lau Won
Best Actress Deanie Ip Won
Best Supporting Actor Paul Chun Nominated
Best Supporting Actress Qin Hailu Nominated
Best Cinematography Yu Lik-wai Nominated
1st Hong Kong Salento International Film Festival Salento Award Deanie Ip Won
12th Chinese Film Media Awards Best Film A Simple Life Nominated
Best Director Ann Hui Nominated
Best Screenplay Susan Chan Nominated
Best Actor Andy Lau Nominated
Best Actress Deanie Ip Won
Film Honoured by 100 Medias in a Year A Simple Life Won
Filmmaker Honoured by 100 Medias in a Year Ann Hui Nominated
Filmmaker Honoured by 100 Medias in a Year Andy Lau Nominated
21st Shanghai Film Critics Award Best 10 Chinese Films A Simple Life (with other 9 films) Won
Best Director Ann Hui Won
10th Paris International Film Festival Audience's Most Favorite Film Ann Hui Won
Best Film Selected by Students Ann Hui Won
33rd Durban International Film Festival Best Actress Award Deanie Ip Won

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