A Simple Thinking About Blood Type

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A Simple Thinking About Blood Type
Cover of the first manga volume
South Korea 혈액형에 관한 간단한 고찰
Japan 血液型くん!

(Hyeoraekyeonge gwanhan gandanhan gochal (Korean)
Ketsuekigata-kun! (Japanese)
Genre Comedy
Written by Real Crazy Man
Published by Earth Star Entertainment
Original run January 26, 2013 – present
Volumes 5
Anime television series
Directed by Yoshihisa Ōyama
Written by Kenichi Yamashita
Music by Daisuke Hiraki
Studio Feel. (Season 1-4)
Zexcs (Season 3-4)
Original network Tokyo MX (Season 1-4)
AT-X (Season 1-4)
Nico Nico Douga (Season 1-3)
Original run April 7, 2013 March 29, 2016
Episodes 49
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A Simple Thinking About Blood Type (Hangul혈액형에 관한 간단한 고찰; RRHyeoraekyeonge gwanhan gandanhan gochal) is a Korean 4-panel webtoon by art teacher Park Dong-sun (박동선) under the art name "Real Crazy Man". The webtoon is themed around blood type personality classification and is serialized on Dong-sun's blog. The webtoon has been published in book form and has been adapted into an anime series.

Releases and adaptions[edit]

A Simple Thinking About Blood Type was first serialized on Dong-sun's blog as a webtoon. Japanese publisher Times Culture later published the comic in book form as Ketsuekigata-kun! (血液型くん!, lit. "Mr. Bloodtype") in 2013.[1]

A short anime adaptation was made by Japanese production houses Assez Finaund Fabric and Feel in 2013, with a second season in January 2015. Zexcs will co-produce a third season, scheduled to air in October 2015. A 4th season has been announced.[2]


Each of the voice actor also represents their own blood type.

Type A-kun (A型くん, A Gata-kun)
Voiced by: Jun Fukuyama
Type B-kun (B型くん, B Gata-kun)
Voiced by: Yuichi Nakamura
Type AB-kun (AB型くん, AB Gata-kun)
Voiced by: Tetsuya Kakihara
Type O-kun (O型くん, O Gata-kun)
Voiced by: Akira Ishida
Type A-chan (A型ちゃん, A Gata-chan)
Voiced by: Aoi Yūki
Type B-chan (B型ちゃん, B Gata-chan)
Voiced by: Yui Horie
Type AB-chan (AB型ちゃん, AB Gata-chan)
Voiced by: Mai Nakahara
Type O-chan (O型ちゃん, O Gata-chan)
Voiced by: Yu Kobayashi


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