A Son of Satan

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A Son of Satan
Directed by Oscar Micheaux
Produced by Oscar Micheaux
Written by Oscar Micheaux
Starring Andrew Bishop
Lawrence Chenault
Shingzie Howard
Edna Morton
Release dates
  • September 18, 1924 (1924-09-18)
Country United States

A Son of Satan is a 1924 race film directed, written, produced and distributed by Oscar Micheaux.[1] The film followed the misadventures of a man who accepted a bet to spend a night in a haunted house.[2] Micheaux shot the film in The Bronx, New York and Roanoke, Virginia.[3]

A Son of Satan ran into distribution problems when state censorship boards rejected the film based on its contents. New York censors objected to the film’s depiction of violence, particularly against women and animals, while Virginia censors complained the film’s references to miscegenation would “prove offensive to Southern ladies.” [4] [5]

No print of the film is known to exist and it is presumed to be a lost film.[3] Micheaux Film Corporation production; distributed by Micheaux Film Corporation. / Produced by Oscar Micheaux. Scenario by Oscar Micheaux. / Standard 35mm spherical 1.37:1 format. / Working title: The Ghost of Tolston’s Manor. The production began shooting on 26 March 1923 in Bronx, New York. Some location photography was taken in Roanoke, Virginia, and in Clason’s Point, New York. Approximately 20,000 feet of film was shot during production. The film was granted a New York State exhibition license on 18 September 1924.


Cast: Andrew S. Bishop, Lawrence Chenault, Emmet Anthony (1889-1931), Edna Morton, Monte Hawley, Shingzie Howard, Ida Anderson, E. G. Tatum, Dink Stewart, W. B. F. Crowell, Olivia Sewall, Mildred Smallwood, Blanche Thompson, Margaret Brown, and Professor Hosay. Some of the original cast from the hit Broadway musicals Shuffle Along and Runnin' Wild appear in the movie, including Aubrey Lyles and F. E. Miller, Adelaide Hall, Arthur Cooper, Mildred Baker, Ina Duncan, and Arthur Porter.


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