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A Song to Remember
GenreHistorical period drama
Written byAng Eng Tee 洪荣狄
StarringQi Yuwu
Joanne Peh
Eelyn Kok
Julie Tan
Desmond Tan
Chen Hanwei
Pan Lingling
Opening theme星洲之夜 by Mavis Hee (Yu Hong version)
Ending theme1) 我的快乐世界 (Yu Hong/Liu Jiumei versions)
2) 思念 (同游) (Yu Hong/Song Qiao'er versions)
3) 你的眼泪 (Yu Hong/Liu Jiumei versions)
4) 娘惹舞曲 (Liu Jiumei version)
5) 花样霓虹 (Song Qiao'er/Liu Jiumei versions)
6) 当代花木兰 (Yu Hong version)
7) 若即若离 (Song Qiao'er version)
8)天涯歌女 (Original/Remix) (Liu Jiumei version)
9) 四季歌 (Liu Jiumei version)
10) 夜上海 (Yu Hong/Song Qiao'er/Hua-gu/Liu Jiumei versions)
Country of originSingapore
Original language(s)Chinese
No. of episodes30
Producer(s)Chia Mien Yang 谢敏洋
Running timeapprox. 45 minutes
Original networkMediacorp Channel 8
Original release22 November 2011 –
2 January 2012
Preceded byThe Oath
Followed byDouble Bonus
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A Song to Remember (simplified Chinese: 星洲之夜) is a MediaCorp Channel 8 historical-cum-musical drama which is set in the 1930s to 1940s in early Singapore before World War II. It debuted on Channel 8 on 22 November 2011 and was telecast every weekday night at 9.00 pm. It stars Qi Yuwu , Joanne Peh , Eelyn Kok , Julie Tan , Desmond Tan , Chen Hanwei & Pan Lingling as the casts of the series. It is a year end blockbuster for 2011. The Series is repeated at 5.30pm on Channel 8 on weekdays and 4.30pm on weekends.

This drama stars Qi Yuwu and Joanne Peh who had paired up thrice after The Little Nyonya and C.L.I.F., and Eelyn Kok, Julie Tan and Desmond Tan. Chen Hanwei plays a villain in this drama while Eelyn Kok is also another antagonist. Viewers can catch episodes on xinmsn catchup from 23 November 2011.

It was reported that the scriptwriter Ang Ee Tee took several years to complete the script of this drama. Despite large amounts of resources and money pumped in for the production and promotion of this serial,[1] the drama was not well received by the audience when it was broadcast. Many perceived the show to be boring and slow-paced, and the acting skills of some of the main cast members were heavily criticised.[2] This drama ranked 9th (out of 11 dramas at the 9pm slot) in the Year 2011 viewership ratings, coming in one of the last.[3] On the other hand, smaller scale productions such as Love Thy Neighbour managed to clinch the top spot.

The drama was encored from 18 July 2012 to 29 August 2012, at 5:30pm, pre-empted on 9 August due to the live telecast of the National Day Parade.


In the 1930s and 1940s, troupes from Shanghai, Southern China as well as local cabaret groups thronged the scene and enlivened the night. Reveling in song and dance drowned out anxieties of the impending war and blues of the real world. Set in this backdrop, this drama serial relives the glittering Singapore nightlife of old.

Flames of war ignite in the 1940s. Swaying in the midst of a raging turmoil, Yuhong (portrayed by Joanne Peh) and Song Qiao-er (portrayed by Eelyn Kok), rivalling doyennes of Shanghai Li Ming Troupe, fight it out on stage. Qiao-er vows to remove the thorn in her flesh, and Yuhong retaliates.

A young musician from Shanghai, Mo Liguang (portrayed by Qi Yuwu), arrives on the eve of the outbreak of World War II in Singapore. A bookish "cultural youth", he indulges in fantasy and music. His insensitivity to mundane affairs often lands him in comic situations! He develops feelings for Yuhong after meeting her on board the ship to Singapore.

Liguang's aunt is a vicious landlady who puts him in charge of collecting rents from the difficult tenants of an old building. Taunted by a motley bunch of characters, he is helped by Liu Jiumei (portrayed by Julie Tan) from being driven back to Shanghai by his aunt.

Jiumei is mistreated by her adopted mother to sing for a living, and ends up being bullied as the "soda girl" at New World Nightclub. An optimistic girl by nature, she daydreams about making a debut on stage. She falls for Li Guang after a series of tribulations but suppresses her love for him because his heart is with Yu Hong.

The captivating Indian, Malay, Peranakan and Western dances inspire Liguang to compose songs for Jiumei. Both are the quintessential composer and singer duo.

The rivalry between Yuhong and Qiao-er intensifies when they come to Singapore. Qiao-er works her charms on tycoon Xu Kun (portrayed by Chen Hanwei) in the hope of eliminating Yu Hong, but the latter counter-attacks by sexual seduction to rise as the doyenne of the troupe and a star in Singapore.

Yuhong ropes in Liguang to the troupe and redeems Jiumei from the brothel. Jiumei is filled with gratitude for her saviour.

To raise funds for the medical costs of a neighbour's infant, Jiumei and Liguang call on everyone to participate in a spectacular street show – "Night of the Stars". Jiumei becomes an overnight sensation. Will Mo Liguang choose to love Yuhong or Jiumei eventually? In the chaotic period leading to a world war, what is the fate of everyone?


Cast Character Description
Qi Yuwu
Mo Liguang
One of Ba-jie's tenants
Ba-jie's Nephew
Desmond Tan
Luo Xiaoxiao
Luo Dada's younger brother
a Rickshaw Man
Chen Hanwei
Xu Kun
Main Villain
Joanne Peh
Yu Hong
Song Qiao-er's Musical rival
Pan Lingling
Aunt Hua
Now an "Uncle"
Eelyn Kok
Song Qiao-er
Main Villain
Yu Hong's Musical rival
Julie Tan
Liu Jiumei
Hua-gu's adopted daughter
Soda Girl
Jin Yinji
Brothel owner
Mo Liguang's Aunt
Priscelia Chan
Aunt Sweet Potato
Opium's wife
Rayson Tan
Black Snake
Aunt Snake's husband
Killed Hua-gu's ex-boyfriend
Pamelyn Chee
Su Yingying
Chen Ji's ex-mistress
Yao Wenlong
Luo Dada
Luo Xiaoxiao's older brother
a Rickshaw Man
Wang Yuqing
Chen Ji
Cynthia Koh
Aunt Snake
Black Snake's wife
Sing Chew
Xiao Man
Song Qiao-er's companion
Kimberly Chia
Xiao Cui

Awards and nominations[edit]

This series garnered eight nominations in the performance category for Star Awards 2012, five in Show 1 and three in Show 2. Results were announced on 22 and 29 April 2012 during which the award ceremony was televised live on MediaCorp TV Channel 8. The other dramas nominated for Best Drama Series were Secrets for Sale, Kampong Ties, C.L.I.F., and On the Fringe, and Best Theme Songs were Secrets for Sale, Kampong Ties, The Oath, and Devotion.[needs update]

Star Awards 2012[edit]

Accolades Award Nominee Result
Star Awards 2012 Show 1 红星大奖2012 上半场 Best Theme Song 最佳主题曲 《星洲之夜》 by Mavis Hee Nominated
Best Director Leong Lye Lin Nominated
Best Cameraman Tommy Lee Won
Best Set Design Ho Hock Choon Nominated
Best Drama Editing Koh Kah Yen Nominated
Rocket Award Desmond Tan Won
Star Awards 2012 Show 2 红星大奖2012 下半场 Best Drama Serial 最佳电视剧 A Song to Remember Nominated
Best Supporting Actor 最佳男配角 Chen Hanwei 陈汉玮 Nominated
Rayson Tan 陈泰铭 Nominated

A Song to Remember was one of three dramas parodied in a skit during the awards ceremony with ceremony co-host Lee Teng as "director". Guo Liang played villain Xu Kun, Quan Yi Fong played Yu Hong and Dennis Chew played Mo Liguang. The criticism of the series being to melodramatic was referenced throughout as Guo repeatedly complains about how Quan's character Yu Hong speaks her lines "too slowly" and Lee comments that Mo is "too expressionless".


  • In 2011, Dai Yang Tian chose to return to China to film a co-production drama Precious. He played Ling Zhi Chu in Precious. As a result, the 35 years old Qu ywu replaced him to play the role of Mo Li Guang, as the male lead despite being too old for the early 20s role .
  • The Singapore theatre's name is "Paramoun" compared to "Paramount".
  • This drama was supposed to be an anniversary drama. It was however also added as an end-year blockbuster as the episodes were broadcast.
  • This drama would be the first drama to have an all-new credits reel layout.
  • Married couple Alan Tern and Priscelia Chan play husband and wife for the second time.
  • Chen Hanwei's first villainous role.

Overseas broadcast[edit]

Country of Broadcast Broadcasting Network Debut Finale Preceded by Followed by
Malaysia Astro Shuang Xing 22 March 2012 3 May 2012 Double Bonus Rescue 995
Astro AEC 29 August 2012 9 October 2012

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