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A Soviet Journey is a 1978 travelogue by South African socialist Alex La Guma.[1] Writing in the early 90s, critic Roger Field described the book as one of the under examined works from La Guma's corpus, because of his reputation as a fiction writer first, and the political nature of Western academics commenting on a book title "Soviet" during the Cold War.[1]

The novel has significant references and comparisons to the works and travels of Ernest Hemingway.[2] The book also reflects substantially on the influence of other works of literary modernism on his own writing.[3]

Biographical context[edit]

La Guma's trip also has ties to other parts of his life: when La Guma, was a child, his father had taken a trip to the Soviet Union, and La Guma knew both mentors contemporaries from the anti-apartheid community in South Africa who had visited the Soviet Union.[1]


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