A Spaniard in the Works

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A Spaniard in the Works
Spaniard lennon.jpg
AuthorJohn Lennon
LanguageEnglish, Swedish
GenreExperimental fiction
PublisherSimon & Schuster, Buccaneer Books, Bakhåll, Canongate
Publication date
24 June 1965
Media typePrint (hardback & paperback)
Pages95 pp
Preceded byIn His Own Write 
Followed bySkywriting by Word of Mouth 

A Spaniard in the Works is a book by John Lennon, first published on 24 June 1965. The book consists of nonsensical stories and drawings similar to the style of his previous book, 1964's In His Own Write.[1] The name is a pun on the expression "a spanner in the works".[2]

1997 CD release[edit]

The Swedish publishing house Bakhåll published the book in 1997 in an English and Swedish edition, together with a CD containing tracks with never before released Lennon pieces and interviews.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "My Life" (Lennon) 2:30
  2. "John Meets Yoko - Teacher/Pupil" (Lennon) 1:44
  3. "Dear John" (Lennon) 4:10
  4. "Cosmic Joke Number 9 / The Future Is Ours To See" (Lennon) 1:30
  5. "Lord, Take This Makeup Off Me" (Lennon) 2:18
  6. "Do It Yourself" (unknown) 1:13
  7. "Make Love Not War" (Lennon) 3:13
  8. "Groupies" (Lennon) 1:45
  9. "Here We Go Again" (Lennon/Spector) 2:57
  10. "What Does It Mean When You're Such A Pacifist That You Get Shot?" (Lennon) 0:57
  11. "His Spirit Is Still Around" (Yoko Ono) 0:46


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