A Spaniard in the Works

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A Spaniard in the Works
Spaniard lennon.jpg
Author John Lennon
Country England
Language English, Swedish
Genre Experimental fiction
Publisher Simon & Schuster, Buccaneer Books, Bakhåll
Publication date
24 June 1965
Media type Print (Hardback & Paperback)
Pages 95 pp
ISBN 1-56849-299-5
OCLC 34089687
Preceded by In His Own Write
Followed by Skywriting by Word of Mouth

A Spaniard in the Works is a book from 1965 by John Lennon. The book consists of nonsensical stories and drawings similar to the style of his previous book, 1964's In His Own Write. The name is a pun on the expression "a spanner in the works".

The Swedish publishing house Bakhåll published the book in 1997 in an English and Swedish edition, together with a CD containing tracks with never before released Lennon pieces and interviews.

1997 CD tracks:

  1. "My Life" (Lennon) 2:30
  2. "John Meets Yoko - Teacher/Pupil" (Lennon) 1:44
  3. "Dear John" (Lennon) 4:10
  4. "Cosmic Joke Number 9 / The Future Is Ours To See" (Lennon) 1:30
  5. "Lord, Take This Makeup Off Me" (Lennon) 2:18
  6. "Do It Yourself" (unknown) 1:13
  7. "Make Love Not War" (Lennon) 3:13
  8. "Groupies" (Lennon) 1:45
  9. "Here We Go Again" (Lennon/Spector) 2:57
  10. "What Does It Mean When You're Such A Pacifist That You Get Shot?" (Lennon) 0:57
  11. "His Spirit Is Still Around" (Yoko Ono) 0:46


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