A Talking Cat!?!

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A Talking Cat!?!
A Talking Cat (2013 film) poster.jpg
Promotional release poster
Directed by David DeCoteau
Produced by Marco Colombo
David DeCoteau
Written by Andrew Helm
Music by Harry Manfredini
Cinematography David DeCoteau
Edited by Danny Draven
Distributed by Phase 4 Films
Release date
  • February 18, 2013 (2013-02-18)
Running time
83 minutes
Country United States
Language English

A Talking Cat!?! is a 2013 independent children's film that was directed by David DeCoteau.[1] The film was released direct to DVD on February 18, 2013 by Phase 4 Films and involves Eric Roberts as the voice of the talking cat.[2]


The film follows two single-parent families that are brought together by Duffy (Eric Roberts), a cat with the capability of speech. The wealthy Phil (Johnny Whitaker) recently sold his computer company in order to spend more time with his model son Chris (Justin Cone), who is indifferent about his dad's decision. Meanwhile, Susan (Kristine DeBell) is struggling to make ends meet as a caterer with her two children Tina (Janis Peebles) and Trent (Daniel Dannas). Duffy then enters their lives, giving them advice, but with the limitation that he can only speak to them once.



The film is one of several direct-to-video family films directed by David DeCoteau under the pseudonym Mary Crawford. It was shot in three days in the same mansion as director DeCoteau's 1313 series.[3] Eric Roberts' dialogue was recorded in 15 minutes.[3]


Critical reception has been predominantly negative,[4][5] with Film.com criticizing the character of Duffy.[6] The A.V. Club gave a mostly negative review for the film, but stated that "for lovers of utter, unredeemable trash, it is highly recommended."[7] CraveOnline also gave a negative review, but also recommended it as a film for "Bad Movie Night".[8]

In an interview, DeCoteau said of the film that "people have called me who I haven’t seen since high school who said, 'David, after 100 movies you’ve finally made a movie we like.'" He added, "I watched it again, because I hadn’t seen it since we made it, and it is so ridiculous and hilarious and over-the-top."[3]


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