A Tear and a Smile (Linda Lewis album)

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A Tear and a Smile
A Tear and a Smile.jpg
Studio album by Linda Lewis
Released 1983
Genre Soul, Rhythm and blues
Label Raft Records
Producer Bert DeCouteaux
Linda Lewis chronology
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(1979)Hacienda View1979
A Tear and a Smile
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(1995)Second Nature1995

A Tear and a Smile is an album by English singer Linda Lewis, released in 1982. Lewis’ eighth album.

Track listing[edit]

Side One[edit]

  1. "This Boy" - (Linda Lewis, Bill Amesbury)
  2. "Destination Love" - (Diane Warren)
  3. "(Close the Door) Take Your Heart" - (Allee Willis, David Lasley)
  4. "Don't Let It Go" - (Soo Jeffers, Stephen Rutledge)
  5. "I Am What I Am" - (Colin Campsie, George McFarlane, Billy Lyall)

Side Two[edit]

  1. "Take Me For a Little While" - (Trade Martin)
  2. "You Don't Know What You're Missing" - (Barbara Morr, Kathy Ingraham)
  3. "Why Can't I Be The Other Woman" - (Linda Lewis, Toni Attell)
  4. "Sweet Heartache" - (Linda Lewis)
  5. "I Can't Get Enough" - (Linda Lewis)

2012 Re-master cd bonus tracks[edit]

  1. "Come On Back" - (Linda Lewis)
  2. "I Can Take It" - (Linda Lewis, Bill Amesbury)
  3. "Class/Style (I've Got It)" (12" groove mix) - (D McGarry, D Parton, L Hunt)
  4. "You Turned My Bitter Into Sweet" - (Pipkin, Pipkin, Gordan)
  5. "Class/Style (I've Got It)" (single version) - (D McGarry, D Parton, L Hunt)