A Tear for the Ghetto

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A Tear for the Ghetto
A Tear for the Ghetto.jpg
Studio album by Group Home
Released June 1, 1999
Recorded 1998-1999
1995 ("Run for Your Life")
Genre Hip hop, Hardcore hip hop
Label Replay Records
Producer Agallah, Guru, DJ Premier, The Alchemist, Lil' Dap
Group Home chronology
Livin' Proof
(1995)Livin' Proof1995
A Tear for the Ghetto
Where Back
(2008)Where Back2008
Professional ratings
Review scores
Source Rating
Allmusic 3/5 stars[1]

A Tear for the Ghetto is the second album released by the hip-hop duo Group Home. Released June 1, 1999, on Replay Records, the album featured one hit single, "Make It In Life," which made to #16 on the Hot Rap Singles and production by The Alchemist, Agallah, Guru, DJ Premier and group member Lil' Dap. The album is now out of print.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Tear Shit Down"- 3:31
  2. "Da Real GH"- 4:06
  3. "Stupid Mf's"- 4:37
  4. "Street Life"- 1:57
  5. "Sun for a Reason"- 4:04
  6. "The Legacy"- 4:01 (Featuring Gang Starr)
  7. "Run for Your Life"- 4:21 (Featuring Agallah)
  8. "Make It in Life"- 4:42
  9. "A Train X-Press"- 3:50
  10. "Be Like That"- 4:40 (Featuring Big Shug, Guru)
  11. "Dial-A-Thug"- 3:51 (Featuring Mike Epps, Dominique Witten)
  12. "Politic All Night"- 1:22
  13. "Keep Rising"- 4:23
  14. "We Can Do This"- 3:37
  15. "12 O'Clock"- 4:09
  16. "Oh Sweet America"- 3:59
  17. "Breaker"- 3:12
  18. "Beefin' for Rap"- 2:38
  19. "Game Recognize Game"- 1:42
  20. "Life Ain't Shit"- 4:36