A Thousand Clouds of Peace

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A Thousand Clouds of Peace
DVD cover
Directed by Julián Hernández
Produced by Roberto Fiesco
Written by Julián Hernández
Starring Juan Carlos Ortuno
Cinematography Diego Arizmendi
Edited by Emiliano Arenales Osorio
Jacopo Hernández
Distributed by Strand Releasing (USA)
Release date
February 11, 2003 (Berlin Film Festival)
April 2, 2004 (USA)
October 15, 2004 (Mexico)
Running time
83 mins.
Country Mexico
Language Spanish

A Thousand Clouds of Peace is a 2003 romantic drama film written and directed by Julián Hernández. Its original Spanish title is Mil nubes de paz cercan el cielo, amor, jamás acabarás de ser amor and alternative titles for it are A Thousand Clouds of Peace Fence the Sky, Love; Your Being Love Will Never End and A Thousand Peace Clouds Encircle the Sky.


Not long after coming to terms with his homosexuality, 17-year-old Gerardo has broken up with his first serious boyfriend. Trying to ease his pain he has a number of casual sexual encounters in Mexico City.



Movie review website Rotten Tomatoes gave A Thousand Clouds of Peace a "rotten" rating of 32% based on eight reviews.[1] Metacritic gave it a "generally negative" rating of 35% based on 16 reviews.[2]

In 2003 the film won the Teddy Award for Best Feature Film at the Berlin International Film Festival as well as the awards for Best First Work at the Lima Latin American Film Festival. In 2004 it won the Silver Ariel at the Ariel Awards in Mexico.[3]


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