A Thousand Country Roads

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A Thousand Country Roads
First edition
Author Robert James Waller
Publisher John M. Hardy
Publication date
April 2002
Pages 181
ISBN 0-9717667-1-1
OCLC 59488979
Preceded by The Bridges of Madison County

A Thousand Country Roads is a 2002 novel by Robert James Waller. It is the epilogue to The Bridges of Madison County which was published in 1992. The book was written in order to appeal to fan interest in the story of Robert Kincaid and Francesca Johnson after their four-day affair.[citation needed]

Plot introduction[edit]

The story relates what happened to Robert Kincaid and Francesca Johnson following their passionate and ill-fated love affair in The Bridges of Madison County. Kincaid initially finds himself with just memories of a lonely existence and of Francesca Johnson, for whom he felt a great passion. Pushed by these memories and desiring to give meaning to his life, Kincaid takes to the road again. A Thousand Country Roads explores his development as he explores himself and the world around him on his journey.

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