A Thousand Deaths (London short story)

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"A Thousand Deaths"
AuthorJack London
CountryUnited States
Genre(s)Short story
Publication date1899

"A Thousand Deaths" is an 1899 short story by Jack London, and is notable as his first work to be published. It is about the deliberate experimentally induced death and resuscitation/resurrection of the protagonist, by a mad scientist who uses multiple scientific methods for these experiments.

Film adaptation[edit]

A feature-film adaptation entitled Torture Ship, directed by Victor Halperin, was released in 1939.[1]

Writer/director Adam Zanzie released a short film adaptation which premiered at the St. Louis Filmmakers Showcase in 2014, where it won awards for Best Actor (John Bratkowski) and Best Sound Design.[2] It later screened at the Trash Film Festival in Vȁraždīn, Croatia in 2016.[3]

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