A Tribute to Hard Core Logo

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A Tribute to Hard Core Logo
A tribute to hard core logo.jpg
Compilation album by Various artists
Released 1996-10-23
Bruce McDonald film soundtracks chronology
Dance Me Outside
A Tribute to Hard Core Logo
Hard Core Logo

A Tribute to Hard Core Logo is a 1996 album, which was released as an unofficial soundtrack to Bruce McDonald's film Hard Core Logo.

The film is a mockumentary about the reunion tour of a Canadian punk rock band, Hard Core Logo. Instead of releasing a conventional soundtrack, McDonald compiled a tribute album, asking a number of notable Canadian and international bands to record cover versions of the film's songs. The album was packaged with the participating musicians contributing quotes about Hard Core Logo's influence on their own music. The band 'Hard Core Logo's last recorded song was released on a 7" split with Vancouver's Punk band DOA on 11/07/1995, only 600 copies were made.

As part of the promotion for the album and film, McDonald placed classified ads in many Canadian publications, purporting to be from fans looking to buy Hard Core Logo memorabilia. Some real fans actually looking to purchase real promotional materials, such as movie posters or rare vinyl copies of the album, were forced to append comments in their advertisements to clarify that their ads were real.

The music video for "Blue Tattoo" by The Super Friendz appears on the Canadian VHS of the film.

A true soundtrack album, Hard Core Logo, was subsequently released in 1998. The album was also included as a bonus disc in the 2003 "Quentin Tarantino Presents" DVD edition of the film.

Track listing[edit]

All lyrics by Michael Turner, music by the credited bands.

  1. The Headstones, "Son of a Bitch to the Core"
  2. The Pursuit of Happiness, "Edmonton Block Heater"
  3. Rusty, "Let's Break Robert Out of Jail"
  4. Dream Warriors, "Edmonton Block Heater"
  5. Fishbone, "Words and Music"
  6. The Super Friendz, "Blue Tattoo"
  7. The Lugen Brothers, "Son of a Bitch to the Core"
  8. 54-40, "Rock and Roll is Fat and Ugly"
  9. Sol, "Blue Tattoo"
  10. Doughboys, "Something's Gonna Die Tonight"
  11. Chris Spedding, "China White"
  12. Kinnie Starr, "Canadian Bush Party"
  13. Odds, "Pipefitter's Clubhouse"
  14. cub, "Who the Hell Do You Think You Are?"
  15. Son, "Blue Tattoo"