A View to a Kill (The Vampire Diaries)

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"A View to a Kill"
The Vampire Diaries episode
Episode no. Season 4
Episode 12
Directed by Brad Turner
Written by Rebecca Sonnenshine
Original air date January 31, 2013
Guest appearance(s)
Episode chronology
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"Catch Me If You Can"
Next →
"Into the Wild"
The Vampire Diaries (season 4)
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"A View to a Kill" is the twelfth episode of Season Four of The Vampire Diaries, premiering January 31, 2013 on The CW.[1]


The morning after Stefan wakes up to remember he slept with Rebekah the night before. He tries to sneak out of her room without being noticed but before he Could he finds Klaus standing outside Rebekah's door. he is there to discuss how to stop Kol who has the White Oak stake along with the daggers that Klaus had. He orders Rebekah to hand over the last dagger that is in her possession along with the White Oak ashes that she obtained from Klaus. When Rebekah won't help Klaus stop Kol and save Jeremy, Klaus turns to his old friend, Stefan, for help. Telling him to talk to Rebekah but Stefan has other pressing matters like keeping Damon on lockdown after being compelled to kill Jeremy by Kol. Klaus informs Stefan that is why they have to find Kol or they could kiss their key to the map goodbye. Klaus reminds Stefan that with along daggering Kol they end Damon's compulsion and Jeremy could continue killing Vampires and they could retrieve the cure for Elena which will be a happily ever after for everyone.

Bonnie has been in charge of taking Caroline's place in the preparations for the decades dance. Elena is at home with Jeremy making sure that he is safe alongside Matt. Elena informs Bonnie that she wants Jeremy to kill Kol because she believes that if he kills him then all of Kol's sire line will die and all of the vampires they turned with also dying making it so that thousands of vampire die at once causing Jeremy to complete the hunters mark and they will have the key to the cure. Bonnie agrees to help. While washing dishes Elena's hands are burned and they realize that Mayor Hopkins has put Vervain in the water supply of Mystic Falls causing Bonnie to have an angry confrontation with her father. He informs her that he is reinstating the town curfew and canceling all the town events which includes the decades dance. Bonnie tells her dad that she had been protecting the town without his help just fine and that it is her job to do so. He calls her home for a family meeting. Kol threatens Bonnie telling her that no one could get to the cure if she is too dead to find it. Bonnie starts to break all the bones in Kol's body until she realizes that she is not in control anymore.

Klaus increases the tension between Damon and Stefan by revealing that Stefan slept with Rebekah and that Stefan is over Elena. Klaus us left babysitting Damon in the basement of the Salvatore house well Stefan goes to retrieve the dagger for Rebekah. Elena calls Stefan and informs him that Kol tried to kill Bonnie and that she doesn't just want to dagger Kol but she wants Jeremy to kill him. Stefan doesn't agree with her because he calls Klaus and Rebekah Dysfunctional Bickering Lunatic but they stick together no matter what. Elena tells Stefan that she needs to find the dagger and use it on Rebekah. Stefan agrees to help.

Elena calls Kol and tells him that she need to talk to him in person that she wants to call a truce in the name of Silas. Kol meets her in her house and demand to be invited inside in order to call a truce. He is invented in by Jeremy but Jeremy flees out of the house leaving Elena alone with Kol.

Stefan goes to see Rebekah to retrieve the dagger from her. She asks Stefan if he regrets sleeping with her and he says not. She asks if he would want it to happen again and he replies maybe. She questions him asking if he would still do it if she would refuse to give up the dagger. He tells her that he wouldn't sleep with her just for the dagger and she replies with, "You have done plenty to me in the name of getting what you want." Stefan takes Rebekah to the dance even though it as been cancelled.

Klaus blames Damon for all of the failed attempts at making Jeremy complete the hunters mark. Damon informs Klaus that he could have Jeremy wanting to kill Elena every time he saw her. Klaus taunts Damon say that there has to be an explanation for Elena overlooking all of the horrible things that Damon has done to her and the people she loves that it couldn't be with just the sire bond. He accuses Damon for compelling her, Manipulating her, or if its just wilful ignorance on Elena's behalf. Damon is intrigued when Klaus asked for advise regarding Caroline. Worried because he Killed Carol Lockwood that Caroline would never forgive him. Klaus accuses Damon of doing much worse. Damon informs Klaus that he doesn't mind being that bad person because someone has to fill that role and get things. He tells Klaus that every bad thing that Klaus had done he has done it for no reason other than to piss people off for no other reason. He tells him that if he intends in being bad to be bad with a purpose otherwise he is just no worth forgiving.

Elena keeps Kol occupied informing him that she has renounced her alliance with Klaus and that she will give up looking for the cure if he promises to leave Jeremy alone. Elena shares with Kol about killing Conner. Kol tells her that over the years you lose track over how many people you kill. Kol tells Elena that he believe Silas exist because he used to run with some witches in Africa in the 14th century, Haiti in the 17th century, and New Orleans in the 1900s who all new about Silas and how he had to stay buried. Kol shares the myth about Silas that if he was to raise he would unleash hell on earth. Elena refers to it being biblical and Kol tells her that in the process of time people lose faith and they no longer know who they should fear. Jeremy keeps calling Bonnie but has no luck in reaching her. Mat is searching Rebekah's house for the dagger in order to get it to Stefan to kill Rebekah

Bonnie is at home he dad says that Shane told him that her Magic is ticking time bomb. Bonnie tells her dad that Shane is crazy. He reminds Bonnie that he lost Abby Bonnie's mother to witchcraft and that he doesn't intend on losing her, too. Bonnie tells her dad that her life not his. Jeremy shows up to Bonnie's house interrupting her conversation with her father. Bonnie in intent on leaving but her father doesn't allow her. Bonnie used Magic to scare her dad into letting her go. But her mother shows up telling her she isn't going anywhere. Abby asks Bonnie about professor Shane and what he has been teaching her. Jeremy tells her that Elena needs her help. Abby tells Jeremy that Bonnie is done helping Elena Gilbert and to get out. Jeremy tries attacking Abby but Bonnie is successful in calming him down and tell him to go.

After the 1980s Decade Dance is cancelled by Mayor Hopkins, Stefan finds a charming way to make it up to Rebekah.



When the episode aired on January 31, 2013, the episode was viewed by 2.56 million American viewers.[2]


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