A Vindication of the Rights of Whores

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A Vindication of The Rights of Whores
Cover VinRightsOfWhores.jpg
Cover of A Vindication of The Rights of Whores
Author Gail Pheterson
Cover artist Clare Conrad
Country United States
Language English
Subject Sex work, Prostitution, Sex workers rights Feminism, Human rights, Women's studies
Genre anthology
Publisher Seal Press
Publication date
May 1989
Pages 293
ISBN 978-0-931188-73-2

A Vindication of The Rights of Whores is a 1989 anthology edited by Gail Pheterson with a preface by Margo St. James.

The book consists of the voices of a diverse group of prostitutes, sex worker rights activists, and feminist scholars from around the world, discussing their lives and their concerns.

It includes the complete text of the World Charter for Prostitutes' Rights;[1] unedited transcripts of workshop arranged by topic from the First World Whores' Congress held in Amsterdam in February 1985 and Second World Whores' Congress at the European Parliament held in Brussels in October 1986;[2] position papers; as well as interviews with various participants.

It is cited in at least seventy-five (75) other works and appears in various reading lists and curriculum guides.[3] The anthology's name references Mary Wollstonecraft's 18th-century feminist work A Vindication of the Rights of Woman.

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