A Walk in the Spring Rain

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A Walk in the Spring Rain
Ingrid Bergman and Anthony Quinn in A Walk in the Spring Rain
Directed byGuy Green
Produced byStirling Silliphant
Written byStirling Silliphant
Based onA Walk in the Spring Rain
1966 novel
by Rachel Maddux
StarringAnthony Quinn
Ingrid Bergman
Music byElmer Bernstein
Don Black
CinematographyCharles Lang
Edited byFerris Webster
Distributed byColumbia Pictures
Release date
  • June 17, 1970 (1970-06-17)
Running time
98 min.
CountryUnited States

A Walk in the Spring Rain (1970) is an American romantic drama film and Eastmancolor film made by Columbia Pictures, directed by Guy Green and produced by Stirling Silliphant, from his own screenplay based on the novel by Rachel Maddux. Location scenes filmed in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.[1]

It stars Ingrid Bergman and Anthony Quinn, with Fritz Weaver, Katharine Crawford, and Virginia Gregg. The music score was by Elmer Bernstein and the cinematography by Charles Lang. A little known fact is that martial arts superstar Bruce Lee, a personal friend of producer Stirling Silliphant, is credited as the film's fight choreographer.


Libby Meredith and her law professor husband, Roger, move from New York to a small house in the backwoods of Tennessee. Their neighbor, Will Cade, is very helpful and friendly to them, and to Libby especially. While her intellectual husband is busy writing a book, Libby comes to like the country life and finds herself attracted to Will's rural sensibilities, culminating in a brief middle-aged affair, as Will is married, too.

Meanwhile, Libby's daughter, Ellen, arrives asking for help in raising her son, Bucky, while she attends Harvard law school. Shortly after, Will's hot-tempered son, who has found out about their romantic relationship, molests Libby when she is out walking. Though Libby is rescued by Will, he accidentally kills his own son while defending her. After attending the funeral, the disillusioned Merediths decide to return to New York because Roger drifted away from his wife and has grown depressed, failing to finish his book. When Libby bids goodbye to Will at his house, he says he will be waiting for her if she ever returns, but Libby replies that she no longer believes in miracles. The last scene shows Libby picking up Bucky from school, and part of the song "A Walk in the Spring Rain" plays over the end credits.[2]



  • Bergman and Quinn had previously been teamed in The Visit (1964).

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