A Wet Dream on Elm Street

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A Wet Dream on Elm Street
DVD released by Tom Byron Pictures
Directed byLee Roy Myers
Written byLee Roy Myers
Based onA Nightmare on Elm Street
by Wes Craven
StarringSophie Dee
Gracie Glam
Giselle Leon
Tommy Pistol
Jennifer White
Chris Johnson
Charley Chase
Anthony Rosano
CinematographyPaul Woodcrest
Edited byLee Roy Myers
George Christos
Tom Byron Pictures
Distributed byTom Byron Pictures
Release date
  • September 28, 2011 (2011-09-28) (United States)
Running time
106 minutes
CountryUnited States

A Wet Dream on Elm Street is a 2011 pornographic horror film written and directed by Lee Roy Myers and starring Sophie Dee, Gracie Glam, Giselle Leon, Tommy Pistol, Jennifer White, Chris Johnson, Charley Chase, and Anthony Rosano. It is a parody of the 1984 horror film classic A Nightmare on Elm Street.


After having sex with her boyfriend, a woman is shocked when he transforms into Freddy Krueger, who she mistakes for Edward James Olmos. Freddy seduces the woman with his glove, which has vibrators affixed to the fingers.

At the second annual Elm Street High School reunion, three women discuss how all their classmates have mysteriously died. The sex ed professor appears and corrects them, explaining that their classmates fell into orgasm-induced "pleasure comas" while they slept. The professor theorizes it is the work of Freddy, a sex toy salesman who sold overpriced and shoddy merchandise. Angered by Freddy's defective products, the townspeople set him on fire, with the professor throwing the first match ("That guy sold me a crappy toy. Told me it was a Fleshlight. It turned out just to be a flashlight"). Freddy burnt from the waist up, and as he died he swore he would get his revenge on his killers through their children. The professor is dumbfounded by the girls failing to remember this (they witnessed Freddy's burning, and attended the block party celebrating the event) and warns them not to fall asleep.

At home, Betty tries to keep herself awake by watching the porno Dead Man Fucking, but the video turns into one showing Freddy having sex with a female guard in a prison cell. When Freddy finishes with the guard he attacks Betty, but she wakes up. At the school, Betty tells the others about her nightmare, and the professor admits he once had a dream about Freddy ("It's not gay") where he saw Freddy's glove long enough to allow him to create a replica of it. Thinking the copy can help them find Freddy's weakness, the professor gives the glove to Kami. Kami masturbates into unconsciousness with the glove, and is rendered comatose by Freddy.

While the professor takes Kami to a hospital and Betty goes home, Denise stays behind ("If I learned anything from horror movies, it's that the psychotic fictional horror villain never goes for the hot girl in a room that's dark when she's all alone and most vulnerable"). Hearing noises coming from her old textbook, Denise flips through the pages, and sees herself and the professor having sex in them. Denise is transported into the book, and when she and the professor finish fornicating, the professor turns into Freddy, and he puts Denise into a coma.

Fed up with living in fear, Betty goes to sleep, and confronts Freddy in her dream. The two have sex, and when Freddy tries to put her into a coma afterward, Betty reveals she stole his glove's batteries ("Now all you have to turn those girls on is that burnt face, and that 1980s sweater"). With Freddy robbed of his power, Betty wakes up, wonders if it was all just a dream, and discovers her underwear is soaked through.


  • Jennifer White as Adam's Girlfriend
  • Chris Johnson as Adam
  • Giselle Leon as Prison Guard
  • Anthony Rosano as Freddy Krueger
  • Gracie Glam as Kami
  • Charley Chase as Denise
  • Tommy Pistol as Professor
  • Sophie Dee as Betty
  • Lee Roy Myers as Sex Toy Customer
  • Seth's Beard as Sex Toy Customer
  • Freddy Fingers as Sex Toy Customer


The film was originally set to be released on October 31, but was moved ahead to September 28.[1]


The cast and effects were commended by Video Junkie Strikes Back from Beyond the Grave, which wrote it "might just be the best horror porn parody to date".[2] Similar sentiments were expressed by the websites Scarred Stiff Reviews, The Movies Made Me Do It, Blue Screw Reviews, Nerd Reactor and Coolest Porn Reviews.[3][4][5][6][7]

Video Tramp had a lukewarm reaction to the film, beginning its review with "I found myself severely underwhelmed by the whole thing. This is but another in Canadian-born director Lee Roy Meyers' long resume of cheaply-made, creatively-blasé efforts."[8] The cast was criticized by All Things Horror, which stated "If you are looking for something sexy, this movie is severely lacking. If you are looking for funny porn, there are a few key moments in here that I'm glad to have seen, but other parodies have certainly done better".[9]

The film was nominated for Best Director - Parody, Best Makeup, and Best Solo Scene at the 2012 AVN Awards.[10]


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