A Woman's Heart (compilation album)

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A Woman's Heart
Womans heart1 160.jpg
Compilation album by
ReleasedJuly 1992
ProducerJoe O'Reilly

A Woman's Heart is a compilation of twelve tracks performed by six female Irish artists, namely Eleanor McEvoy, Mary Black, Dolores Keane, Sharon Shannon, Frances Black, and Maura O'Connell. The album was released in July 1992 and sold over 750,000 copies, more than any other album in Irish chart history.[1]

2012 marked the 20th anniversary of A Woman's Heart . The anniversary was celebrated with four sold-out performances at the Olympia Theatre in Dublin, Ireland. Eleanor McEvoy, Mary Coughlan, Sharon Shannon, Dolores Keane, Wallis Bird, and Hermione Hennessy were on the bill. Further anniversary concerts are being planned.

In April 2012, Kiera Murphy produced a documentary entitled Our Woman's Hearts which explores how A Woman's Heart came about, why it became so popular, and the effect it has had on three generations of women. The documentary is a part of RTÉ Radio 1's series Documentary on One.

"The Secret of Living", written by Eleanor McEvoy was released in July 2012 to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the A Woman's Heart. The song is performed by Eleanor McEvoy, Mary Coughlan, Sharon Shannon, Gemma Hayes, and Hermione Hennessey.

Track listing[edit]

  1. "Only a Woman's Heart" – composed and sung by Eleanor McEvoy, performed with Mary Black
  2. "Caledonia" – Dolores Keane
  3. "Vanities" – Mary Black
  4. "Blackbird" – Sharon Shannon
  5. "Wall of Tears" – Frances Black
  6. "Summerfly" – Maura O'Connell
  7. "Island" – Dolores Keane
  8. "I Hear You Breathing In" – Eleanor McEvoy
  9. "Sonny" – Mary Black
  10. "Coridinio" – Sharon Shannon
  11. "Living in These Troubled Times" – Maura O'Connell
  12. "After the Ball" – Frances Black


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