A Young Man with Prospects

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"A Young Man with Prospects"
A Young Man with Prospects.jpg
Artwork for A Young Man with Prospects, by Julie Dillon
Author Orson Scott Card
Country United States
Language English
Series Ender's Game series
Genre(s) Science fiction
Published in Intergalactic Medicine Show
Publisher Hatrack River Enterprises
Media type Electronic (HTML)
Publication date 2007

"A Young Man with Prospects" is a story by Orson Scott Card set in his Ender's Game universe. It tells the story of how Alessandra and Dorabella Toscano end up colonizing one of the former formic worlds. It appears in Card's Webzine InterGalactic Medicine Show.

Plot summary[edit]

"A Young Man with Prospects" is the story of Alessandra Toscano. Alessandra is a poor thirteen-year-old girl from Monopoli, Italy. One day Alessandra's seemingly irresponsible mother comes home and announces that they will be colonizing one of the former Formics worlds. When she first finds out, Alessandra doesn't want to go, Alessandra then tracks down her grandmother whom she had never met and asks her for help. However, when her grandmother hears that Alessandra wants to stay with her she throws her out. Upon returning home Alessandra finds out that the reason they are so poor is because her mother has been paying her grandmother to stay out of their lives to protect Alessandra. When she learns this Alessandra agrees to go. Later Alessandra learns that she will be traveling with Ender Wiggin, who will be made governor of the colony when they arrive. Her mother hopes that they will fall in love and get married. On their last day in Italy Alessandra's grandmother comes to their house and begins screaming at them. Alessandra's mother stands up to the woman and tells her to go away. Alessandra later makes friends with Ender and under her mother's influence, tries to seduce him. This fails and she decides to go to the colony instead of staying aboard with her mom and Admiral Morgan. She later marries Po, Ix's older son.


  • Alessandra Toscano
  • Dorabella Toscano - Alessandra's mother
  • Isabella Santangelo – Dorabella's mother
  • Alessandra’s neighbors – unnamed

Relationship to "The Gold Bug"[edit]

According to Card while he was writing "The Gold Bug" he started to think about how Ender got to the colony. As a result he came up with a story idea which involved a power-struggle between Ender and the ship's captain. However, since Card didn't want the story to be only about Ender and the captain he decided to put a mother and daughter on the ship. When he first began writing about Alessandra and Dorabella Toscano it was supposed to have been the opening for that story, but as he sat down to plan the scenes they developed into a story of their own.[1]


"A Young Man with Prospects" was published in the February 2007 issue of Intergalactic Medicine Show.[2] It also appears in the anthology Orson Scott Card's InterGalactic Medicine Show. This story also appears as Chapter 5 of Card's novel Ender in Exile.[3]


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