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A Brand
Origin Antwerp, Belgium
Genres Rock
Years active 2004–present
Labels This Is Bang
Members Dag Taeldeman
Frederick Heuvinck
Tim Bekaert
Tom Vermeir
Frederik De Lepeleere

A Brand is a Belgian rock group featuring Dag Taeldeman. Their hits include "Riding Your Ghost", "Hammerhead", "Beauty Booty Killerqueen" and "Time".


A Brand recorded their first album, 45 RPM, in a garage in 2004. "Riding Your Ghost" became their first single on alternative radio.

In 2005 they performed on the Belgian festivals Dour, Zeverrock and Ackerrock; and in 2006 several others, including Rock Werchter and Pukkelpop. In same year they also released their second album Hammerhead, and scored minor hits with "Hammerhead", "Beauty Booty Killerqueen" and "A Perfect Habitat For Foxes".

In the summer of 2008 A Brand released their third album Judas.

In 2011 they released their fourth album, Future you. It featured the singles "What's taking you", "The Mud" and "For blood". A year later they released a double-cd. The first disc contained all of their fourteen released singles, including two new songs called "Christine" and "Humanoid", and a cover of ACDC's "Thunderstruck". The second disc contained Grammar; a one hour mash-up of their most famous songs, recorded live at the Ancienne Belgique in Brussels in 2012.


  • Dag Taeldeman: vocals, guitar
  • Frederik Heuvinck: vocals, drums
  • Frederik De Lepeleere: vocals, bass
  • Tim Bekaert: vocals, guitar
  • Tom Vermeir: vocals, guitar


Studio albums[edit]

  • 45 RPM (2004)
  • Hammerhead (2006)
  • Judas (2008)
  • Future You (2011)
  • A Brand: the singles (2012)


  • Riding Your Ghost (2004)
  • I Do As I Please (2005)
  • Hammerhead (2006)
  • Beauty Booty Killerqueen (2006)
  • A Perfect Habitat For Foxes (2006)
  • Time (2008)
  • The Bubbles (2008)
  • Mad Love, Sweet Love (2009)
  • The Mud (2011)
  • What's Taking you(2011)

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