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An A road may be

  • motorways or freeways, usually where the local word for motorway begins with A (for example, Autobahn in German; Autostrada in Italian).
  • main roads or highways, in a system where roads are graded A, B and sometimes lower categories
  • roads in a particular area or zone designated A

List of A roads[edit]

This is a list of road numbering systems which include A roads.

Country Area Type of road See
Australia Main roads Highways in Australia
Austria Motorways Autobahns of Austria
Belgium Motorways List of motorways in Belgium
Bulgaria Motorways Motorways in Bulgaria
Canada Quebec Freeways Autoroutes of Quebec
China Shanghai Expressways Expressways of Shanghai
Croatia Motorways Motorways in Croatia
Cyprus Motorways Motorways and roads in Cyprus
France Motorways Autoroutes of France
Germany Motorways German Autobahnen
Greece Motorways Motorways in Greece
Isle of Man Main roads A roads on the Isle of Man
Italy Motorways Autostrade of Italy
Jamaica Main roads Roads in Jamaica
Kenya Main roads Roads in Kenya
Latvia Main roads A roads in Latvia
Lesotho Main roads A3 highway (Lesotho)
Lithuania Main roads A roads in Lithuania
Malaysia Perak State roads Malaysian State Roads system
Morocco Motorways Moroccan expressways
Netherlands Motorways List of motorways in the Netherlands
Poland Motorways Motorways in Poland
Portugal Motorways Auto-estrada
Romania Motorways Motorways in Romania
Slovenia Motorways Motorways in Slovenia
Spain Motorways List of autopistas and autovias in Spain
Sri Lanka Main roads A roads in Sri Lanka
Switzerland Motorways Autobahns of Switzerland
Tunisia Motorways Motorways in Tunisia
United Kingdom Great Britain Main roads A roads in Great Britain
United Kingdom Northern Ireland Main roads List of A roads in Northern Ireland
United States Alaska Interstate highways Interstate Highways in Alaska
United States Northeast California County routes California County Routes in zone A
United States Georgia and North Carolina Mixed Corridor A
United States Michigan
between I-96 and US 127
County highways List of County-Designated Highways in Michigan

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