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Thayet chin thouk, a fermented green mango salad with onions, chilli, roasted peanuts, sesame and peanut oil
Shan tofu salad as served in Yangon, Myanmar

Burmese salads, transliterated as athoke, thohk or thouk, are part of Burmese cuisine. The salads include rice, noodle, potato, ginger, tomato, kaffir lime, long bean, lahpet (pickled tea leaves), and ngapi (fish paste) salads. They are popular as fast foods in Burmese cities. Burmese noodle salads include wheat noodles or rice noodles. Fermented tea leaf and pickled ginger are two classic dishes.[1]

Chennai, India[edit]

In Chennai, India a dish referred to as atho (அத்தோ) or athoke is a mixture of noodles, shredded cabbage and onions garnished with tamarind, salt, fried onions, chili flakes, garlic and ajinomoto seasoning (rarely). It is of Burmese origin and served by Burmese refugees working as vendors in Chennai. It may be a version of khauk swe thoke and is described as being golden and gooey.[2][3][4]

List of a thoke dishes[edit]

More a thoke (salads)[edit]

Burmese name Burmese script Image Origin Description
Bazun thoke ပုဇွန်သုပ် Pickled prawn salad.
Gyin thoke ဂျင်းသုပ် Ginger salad with sesame seeds and assorted fried beans.
Khauk swè thoke ခေါက်ဆွဲသုပ်‌ Khauk swe thoke.jpg Wheat noodle salad with dried shrimps, shredded cabbage and carrots, dressed with fried peanut oil, fish sauce and lime.
Htamin thoke ထမင်းသုပ်‌ Rice salad with tomato puree, potato, glass noodle, toasted chickpea flour, crushed toasted dried fermented beancake,crushed dried shrimp, crushed dried chilli, garlic and dressed with cooked peanut oil, fish sauce, lime or tamarind and coriander.
Let thoke sone လက်သုပ်စုံ Similar to htamin thoke with shredded green papaya, shredded carrot, ogonori sea moss and often wheat noodles.
Nan gyi thoke နန်းကြီးသုပ်‌ Nangyithohk.gif Thick rice noodle salad with chickpea flour, chicken, fish cake (nga hpe), onions, coriander, spring onions, crushed dried chilli, dressed with fried crispy onion oil, fish sauce and lime.
Nanbyagyi thoke နန်းပြား‌ကြီးသုပ် As above with tagliatelle.
Shauk thi thoke ရှောက်သီးသုပ် Sliced lemon or kaffir lime (no pith or rind), toasted chickpea flour, crushed roasted peanut, crushed dried shrimp, crushed dried chilli, baked fish paste, cooked oil with onions (often served with kya zan hinga).
Samuza thoke ဆမူဆာသုပ်‌ Samosa salad.jpg Indian Samosa salad with onions, cabbage, fresh mint, potato curry, masala, chili powder, salt and lime.
Lahpet thoke လက်ဖက်သုပ် Laphet thoke.JPG Shan A salad of pickled tea leaves with fried peas, peanuts and garlic, toasted sesame, fresh garlic, tomato, green chili, crushed dried shrimps, preserved ginger and dressed with peanut oil, fish sauce and lime.
Nga baung thoke ငါးပေါင်းသုပ် Mon Mixed vegetables and prawn, wrapped in morinda leaves and banana leaves outside.
Kya zan thoke ကြာဆံသုပ် Rakhine Glass vermicelli salad with boiled prawn julien and mashed curried duck eggs and potatoes.
Thayet chin thoke သရက်ချဉ်သုပ် Thayet chin thouk.JPG Fermented green mango salad with onions, green chilli, roasted peanuts, sesame and peanut oil.
Thinbaw thi thoke သင်္ဘောသီးသုပ် Som tam thai.JPG Shan and Thai Papaya salad of shredded papaya, mixed with ground dried shrimp, onions, and fried garlic; tossed in garlic oil, lemon juice, and a little hot chili pepper.
Tofu thoke တို့ဟူးသုပ် Tophu thoke.JPG Shan Fresh Burmese tofu, cut into small rectangular slices, dressed and garnished with peanut oil, dark soy sauce, rice vinegar, toasted crushed dried chilli, crushed garlic, crushed roasted peanuts, crisp-fried onions, and coriander.


A street vendor preparing Shan tofu salad in Mandalay, Myanmar
Pickled tea (laphet thoke), ginger salad and fried peas
Laphet thoke (pickled tea salad)
Pickled tea leaves salad
(laphet thoke)


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