A veinte años, Luz

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A veinte años, Luz
Author Elsa Osorio
Country Argentina
Language Spanish et al.
Genre Contemporary novel
Publisher Alba Editorial
Publication date
Media type Print (hardback and paperback)
Pages 512
ISBN 978-8498411997

A veinte años, Luz (Twenty Years Later, Luz) is the first novel by Argentinian author Elsa Osorio, first published in 1998. The English-language version of her novel, My Name is Light, was first published in 2003 by Bloomsbury USA.

Plot summary[edit]

Upon giving birth to a son, John, a tiny doubt in Luz's mind takes root and soon grows into an obsession, and thus begins Luz's quest for her past: was she indeed, as she had always believed, the daughter and granddaughter of a family loyal to the dictatorship in Argentina, or was she in fact one of the country's missing children, one of the desaparecidos whose whereabouts were in many cases never discovered.

Luz (whose name means "light" in Spanish) seeks her true identity with great courage, bringing to light the darkest corners of the society in which she has been raised, and of which, until now, considered herself a participant. Her search will lead to the discovery of a country divided by a brutal, criminal regime, which caused its own citizens to vanish, hiding them and, worst of all, forgetting them.

Literary and critical importance[edit]

The book won an Amnesty International book prize[1] and as been translated into sixteen languages.[2]

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