Aa Karaala Ratri

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Directed byDayal Padmanabhan
Produced byD Pictures
Written byMohan Habbu,
Naveen Krishna,
Dayal Padmanabhan
Music byGanesh Narayan
CinematographyP K H Das
Edited bySri CrazyMindzz
Distributed byD Distributors
Release date
  • July 19, 2018 (2018-07-19)[1]
Box officeest.55,000

Aa Karaala Ratri (English: That Intense Dark Night ) is a 2018 Kannada-language suspense thriller film directed by Dayal Padmanabhan and produced under his own banner, D Pictures.[2]

The movie is based on a Kannada play by Mohan Habbu which was based on the Russian story titled The Return of the Soldier.[3]



In an interior village deep in Karnataka, a fortune teller visits a poverty-stricken family and tells them that their fortune is going to change overnight. A mysterious traveller (played by Jayaram Karthik) visits their home on the same day and asks to stay overnight. What happens during that one intense night forms the rest of the story.

The Movie starts with a view of a burning house in a village, a background voice says this is the end of the story not the beginning. the scene shifts to a God man explaining to villagers about human desires and how its common for all living things to have desires. he advices that as humans one should control his desires yet live in a way which should be dignified. among the villagers are Gowramma and Mallika. they leave midway to their home as its getting late.

Farmer Onti Mani Muthanna, his wife Gowramma and Daughter Mallika, called as Malli live in a remote place. They pawned their agricultural land and 9 acers of farm to a rich man to meet medical expenditure and since then are living in utter poverty. Farmer Muthanna is addicted to Alcohol and boozes every night. Gowramma works in the farm and also helps the village ladies deliver children. Daughter Mallika is an ambitious lady. she know age is slipping and is craving to get married and enjoy her life, but her father is unable to help her with this. Malli is frustrated with this and keeps expressing this to her mother.

one day a fortune teller tells the family that they are about to see a lot of money but warns them that they should look beyond the money. but the family drives him away, as he walks away from the house, a tourist visits the house asking for some water to drink. The Tourist names himself as chenna keshava. upon quenching his thirst, Since the next village is far and it takes more than a day to reach there, he apologetically asks if he can stay for the night. the family is reluctant as there is an unmarried girl at home and it may lead to bad press if people discover that a stranger stayed overnight at their house. but they eventually agree for the tourist to stay. The Tourist is very polite to the family and offers money for buying tea powder and also pays a little extra to Muthanna.

The man to whom the land and house is pawned pays a visit to Muthanna's house and tells him to pay more attention to the farm and its produce as the land is pawned to him. he also gives hints that if some people make up their mind things can be better, hinting his interest in Mallika. Muthanna, Gowramma and Mallika get the hints. Mallika indirectly abuses him giving clear indication that she is not interested in him. the tourist, Chenna Keshava over hears all of this and offers to help the family. he offers to pay the entire outstanding loan and shows some jewels and money to prove his point. the family is surprised, they refuse to accept his offer as he is a stranger. in the evening, the Tourist requests that a non-veg dish be prepared and offers money to buy the necessary ingredients and a little extra so that the entire family can enjoy a good meal.

Mallika sees an opportunity and convinces her mother Gowramma to kill the tourist and rob him of his money. Muthanna over hears this and mentions to his family that if his daughter's life can be better his is willing to do anything. all three realize the pressures they have from their financiers and poverty and decide to kill the stranger. Muthanna goes for his daily dose of Alcohol. Gowramma and Mallika prepare dish and poison it for the tourist. Two policemen come to their house enquiring if they have seen any stranger around as there was a robbery nearby. Both the ladies refuse seeing anybody. the policemen smell a nice non-veg meal and ask the family to share the meal, Gowramma spills the poisoned dish to avoid killing the policemen. the policemen leave after finishing their meal. their pet dog however eats the split dish and dies of poison.

The Tourist finishes his meal and goes to bed as a happy man. Mallika realizes that her mother never poisoned the dish out of fear after the policemen visited their house. Frustrated, Malli decides to kill the tourist. She slits his throat while he is sleeping. Malli starts digging a grave to dispose the body. Muthanna is at the local bar and discovers that the waiter at the bar knows about the visitor at his house. he returns to the house and discovers that the ladies have killed the tourist.

He weeps his heart out upon this discovery and reveals that the tourist is their own son who had run away from their home at a young age. the tourist had revealed this to the people at the bar. He wanted to surprise the family and didn't want anybody else to tell it to them. the waiter had told this to Muthanna. Muthanna mentions this to his family. the family is devastated, they share the poisoned meal and sets the house on fire.



The movie is based on a Kannada play by Mohan Habbu which was based on the Russian story titled The Return of the Soldier. Senior director S. K. Bhagavan had revealed that during the making of 1978 Kannada movie Shankar Guru, he had narrated this story to matinee idol Rajkumar.The film was planned to be shot in Ladakh and some preparation was undertaken, but in the end Rajkumar backed out as he felt the story was too dark.[4]

Impressed by Mohan Habbu's[5] story, Dayal decided to acquire the rights and make it into a full-length feature film. When Dayal entered the Bigg Boss house as a contestant his idea was strengthened when his fellow contestants JK & Anupama Gowda agreed to be a part of the film if it was made. Once out of Big Boss[clarification needed] Dayal sprung into action and completed the entire script, along with co-dialogue writer Naveen Krishna, and narrated the full script to JK and Anupama once they were out of the Big Boss game.[6]


Once the lead pair was fixed, Dayal zeroed in on Rangayana Raghu and Veena Sundar for other pivotal roles. Many of Dayal's contestant friends from Bigg Boss like Jaya Srinivasan, Ashitha and Diwakar are making character appearances in the movie. This film will be Jayaram Karthik's first release since his Bigg Boss stint [7] as a lead and is going to be the second movie as a leading lady for popular tele-actress Anupama Gowda. Experienced Cinematographer P.K.H. Das is helming the camera. Sri (CrazyMindz) is the movie's editor. Ganesh Narayan is composing the music for the film. [8]


The muhurat for the movie is happened on the 19th of February in Oni Anjaneyaswamy Temple, Bangalore. Simultaneously Dayal's other movie PUTA 109, again starring Jayaram Karthik, is also being launched on the same day. The movie's shoot is to take place over 25 days in Balur, Chikmagalur Taluk.


The movie got 4/5 stars in TOI reviews. The Bangalore mirror rated the movie as one of the best movies of the year. Kannada Actor Sudeep said the movie was "gripping".[9]

The movie has an 80% rating on BookMyShow. TheNewsMinute mentions that "seasoned" actors and "clever" director came together hand-in-hand to make an interesting suspense thriller flick.[10] Shyam Prasad S from Bangalore mirror said the movie is one of the best movies of the year and credited the convincing performances and brilliant technical execution for the success.[11] Cineloka credits the director's smart moves and decision to make a good movie after his recent failures to prove his mettle. Actors' performances and PKH Das' cinematography was praised too.[12]


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