Aa Okkadu

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Aa Okkadu
Aa Okkadu Poster.jpg
Directed by N S Murthy(Dakshin Srinivas)
Produced by Ganesh Indukuri
Written by N S Murthy(Dakshin Srinivas)
Starring Suresh Gopi
Sai Srujan Pelluri
Music by Mani Sharma
Release date
29 May 2009
Country India
Language Telugu

Aa Okkadu is a 2009 Telugu action thriller film starring Suresh Gopi, Ajay and Madhurima. The film is directed by N S Murthy and was released by Tolly 2 Holly Films on 29 May 2009.[1] Mani Sharma composed the music.[2]


Sri Krishna (Suresh Gopi) is a successful criminal lawyer. Bujji (Ajay) works under Sri Krishna. Dr. Pavitra (Madhurima) is a psychiatrist who works in a mental hospital.Sri Krishna and Pavitra are disciples of a godman. Pavitra has a family dispute with her brother-in-law and he dies under suspicious circumstances. Slowly a few people associated with Pavitra are killed and the needle of suspicion turns towards Pavitra. The rest of the film is all about who did it.



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