Aaahh Belinda

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Aaahh Belinda
Film poster
Directed by Atıf Yılmaz
Produced by Cengiz Ergun
Written by Barış Pirhasan
Starring Müjde Ar
Yılmaz Zafer
Macit Koper
Güzin Özipek
Music by Onno Tunç
Cinematography Orhan Oğuz
Edited by Odak Film
Release date
Running time
100 minutes
Country Turkey
Language Turkish

Aaahh Belinda is a 1986 Turkish fantastic comedy film, directed by Atıf Yılmaz, featuring Müjde Ar as a young actress appearing in a TV-commercial for a shampoo, who finds herself transported into the role she plays. The film screened in competition at the 23rd Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival, where it won Golden Oranges for Best Film, Best Director and Best Actress.


Serap, a young actress with a strong, lively personality and a special dislike for middle-class family life, takes part in a TV-commercial for a recently marketed shampoo, "Belinda". She plays the role of a typical housewife called Naciye. During one of the rehearsals, she suddenly finds that the stage has disappeared, the crew has vanished and all the elements of the script have become real. Now she is Naciye. No one around recognizes her as Serap anymore. Even worse, her family thinks that she is suffering from depression, while Serap desperately tries to prove otherwise.


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