Aabroo (1968 film)

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Directed by C. L. Rawal
Produced by B. L. Rawal
Written by G. L. Rawal
Starring Ashok Kumar
Nirupa Roy
Leela Naidu
Deepak Kumar
Music by Sonik Omi
Cinematography M. N. Malhotra
Edited by Pran Mehra
Rawal Films
Release date
  • 20 October 1968 (1968-10-20) (India)
Running time
170 min
Country India
Language Hindi

Aabroo (Honour) is a 1968 Hindi romantic crime drama film directed by C. L. Rawal.[1] The story, screenplay and dialogue were written by G. L. Rawal. It was produced by B. L. Rawal under the Rawal Films banner.[2] The music directors were Sonik-Omi and the lyricist was G. L. Rawal.[3][4] The director of photography was M. N. Malhotra.[5] The film starred Ashok Kumar, Nirupa Roy, Vimi, Rehman, Leela Naidu, Shashikala and Deepak Kumar.[6]

The story revolves around two lovers, Manish and Neena, who are separated when Neena is forced to marry her sister’s husband. The husband is killed and Manish is arrested for his murder.


Manish (Deepak Kumar) lives with his brother Anand (Ashok Kumar) an advocate and sister-in-law Tilottama (Nirupa Roy), in Kashmir. Manish has just returned from abroad having completed his medical degree. Neena (Vimi) has come to Kashmir for her holidays, meets Manish and they fall in love. Manish is waiting to get a job confirmation from one of the hospitals in Bombay. Neena's sister Sharda (Leela Naidu) lives with her husband Chandrashekhar (Rehman) in Bombay. The two are very much in love with each other. Being childless, Sharda is harassed by her mother-in-law Mrs. Verma (Lalita Pawar). Sharda asks Shekhar to get married again, but he refuses. Mrs. Verma's harassment of Sharda turns to tragedy when two relatives Darwazalal (Jeevan) and Shanta (Shashikala) come to live with them. Nina is also staying in the house with her sister. Darwazalal poisons Sharda, who while dying makes Nina promise that she will marry Shekhar. After Sharda dies, Nina and a distraught Shekhar get married. Shekhar has no interest in Nina as he is still grieving the loss of his beloved wife Sharda.

Manish finally gets a job in Bombay and Anand asks him to stay with his good friend Shekhar till he settles in. On arriving at Shekhar's house, Manish is shocked to find the girl he loves, Nina, now married to Shekhar. Darwazalal and Shanta start rumours regarding Manish and Nina, however, Shekhar overhears Darwazala's plotting, but is hit on the head by him. His situation is critical and the attending doctor is Manish. When Shekhar dies, Manish is arrested for murder. After a court scene where Anand fights for the prosecution and his wife Tillottama defends Manish, the nefarious planning of Darwazalal and Shanta is revealed.



The music was composed by the duo Sonik-Omi while the lyricist was G. L. Rawal. The playback singers were Asha Bhosle, Mohammed Rafi, Mukesh and Manna Dey.[7]

Song list[edit]

# Title Singer
1 "Aap Se Pyaar Hua Aap Khafa Ho Baithe" Mohammed Rafi, Asha Bhosle
2 "Aap Se Pyaar Hua Aap Khafa Ho Baithe" Mohammed Rafi
3 "Meri Aankhon Ke Ujale" Mohammed Rafi
4 "Yeh Dil Nahin Ki Jiske Sahare Jeete Hain" Mohammed Rafi
5 "Jinhen Ham Bhulna Chaahein Woh Aksar Yaad Aate Hain" Mukesh
6 "Aai Aai Re Holi" Asha Bhosle, Manna Dey
7 "Yeh Vaadi-E-Kashmir" Mohammed Rafi


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