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Jal Aadat.jpg
Studio album by Jal
Released September 27, 2004
Recorded 2003-2004 at Xth Harmonic & Digital Fidelity Studios in Lahore, Pakistan
Genre Rock
Pop rock
Length 53:44
Label Sadaf Stereo, HOM Records
Producer Zulfiqar Jabbar Khan, Mekaal Hasan
Jal chronology
Singles from Aadat
  1. "Aadat"
    Released: December, 2003
  2. "Woh Lamhein"
    Released: October, 2004
  3. "Dil Harey"
    Released: 2005
  4. "Ik Din Aayega"
    Released: 2006
  5. "Teri Yaad"
    Released: 2006
  6. "Bikhra Hoon Main"
    Released: 2006

Aadat (Urdu: عادت, literal English translation: "habit") is the debut album by Pakistani rock band Jal released on 27 September 2004. Four of the songs from the album, also appeared on Atif Aslam's debut album "Jal Pari" after Atif Aslam left the band. This led to a dispute between Atif Aslam and Jal about who owned the rights to the songs.[1]

Singles from the album were "Panchi", "Bikhra Hoon Main", "Aadat", "Woh Lamhein", "Ik Din Aayega", "Dil Harey", and "Teri Yaad". Five songs from the album received Top 40 airplay in Pakistan.

Sales of the album were such that it remained at the top of the Pakistani music charts for several weeks after its release. Sadaf Stereo Records, the record company which released the album in Pakistan announced that Aadat was the best-selling album of 2004. This was followed by the release of album in India by HOM Records, where it was highly successful too.

In 2006, Jal had created waves as the latest Pakistani band on the block, even as their album Aadat continued to climb the charts locally, and their 2005 track "Woh Lamhein" was a hit, even a year after its release. The title track "Aadat" was remade for the Bollywood movie Kalyug. Also "Woh Lamhein" song was later appeared in the Bollywood movie Zeher.

Track listing[edit]

All music composed & written by Atif Aslam & Goher Mumtaz.

No. Title Length
1. "Rangon Mein"   4:35
2. "Lamhey"   5:25
3. "Ik Din Aayega"   4:18
4. "Panchi"   3:49
5. "Bikhra Hoon Main"   4:04
6. "Dil Harey"   4:48
7. "Teri Yaad"   6:20
8. "Aadat"   4:29
9. "Manchala"   3:49
10. "Har Jaga Hai Jal"   2:53
11. "Lamhey (Instrumental)"   5:25
12. "Panchi (Instrumental)"   3:47
  • The Indian Edition of the album does not contain the following tracks; Woh Lamhein (Instrumental) and Panchi (Instrumental)


All information is taken from the CD.

  • Farhan Saeed: lead vocals
  • Goher Mumtaz: lead guitar, vocals
  • Aamir Tufail: Bass Guitars


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