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Amir Ageeb or Aamir Ageeb (c. 1969 – May 28, 1999) was a Sudanese who was killed while resisting deportation from Germany, leading to a lawsuit against the involved officers.

Ageeb fought fiercely with three Bundesgrenzschutz officers who tried to put him on an aircraft travelling to Sudan in Frankfurt am Main on May 28, 1999. They restrained him with several ropes, handcuffs and bands; put a helmet on his head; and pushed his head between his knees, apparently all in accordance with procedures in use at the time. Ageeb suffocated shortly after the aircraft took off.

As a result, deportation procedures for Bundesgrenzschutz officers have been changed, different helmets are now being used, and deportations are more frequently suspended.

The three officers were charged with voluntary manslaughter, and the lawsuit began in February 2004.


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