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Aana (عانا) is a village in the Western Bekaa District of Lebanon, about 57 km (35 mi) from Beirut. Its name comes from the Syriac word "'ono", which means 'the flock'. The village has two churches, one dedicated to St. Elias (Elijah) and the other to the Virgin Mary in the adjacent borough of Deir Tahniche. The village is watered by the spring Shamsyne (Arabic for "the two suns"). The village produces wine and fruit. The wines of Chateau Musar grow in a tract of land about 5 km (3.1 mi) long, land that is the home of Lebanese-Brazilian Carlos Eddé.

Physical properties[edit]

Average altitude: 950 metres (3,120 ft)

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Coordinates: 33°42′N 35°45′E / 33.700°N 35.750°E / 33.700; 35.750